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Apply for Oando Graduate Accelerated Programme 2019 Team

Last updated on October 17, 2019

Applications are now open for the Oando Graduate Accelerated Programme 2019 for young Nigerians.

OandoGAP is a unique opportunity to develop recent graduates who have the potential to become leaders, and in the medium to long term strengthen the local oil and gas talent pipeline.

It is strictly an 18-month programme, where successful applicants will participate in structured experiential learning from some of the best minds the industry has to offer; to prepare them for career opportunities within the sector.

Table of Contents

Oando Graduate Accelerated Programme

  • Type: Internship
  • Eligible Countries: Nigeria
  • Duration of Award: 18 months
  • Number of Awards: Not specified
  • To be Taken at (Country): Nigeria
  • Application Deadline: 25st October, 2019
  • Value of Award:
    • Diverse learning opportunities.
    • Opportunity to work with some of the best minds in the industry

The Programme Eligibility

Bachelors or Master’s Degree with minimum of Second-Class Upper Division (2.1) in any of the following areas/disciplines: Engineering, Geosciences, Economics, Business Administration and other Business-related degrees

Not older than 26 years by January 01, 2020. And Must have completed NYSC. You can only apply for one position as multiple applications will lead to disqualification.

The Application Procedure:

It is important to go through all application requirements in the Award official website before applying. Visit the website here.

  1. Awokunle Gideon oluwaferanmi Awokunle Gideon oluwaferanmi

    unique opportunity to develop recent graduates who have the potential to become leaders, programme, where successful applicants will participate in structured experiential learning

  2. Adesida Adeyemi Adesida Adeyemi

    Now the they will say graduate are been given opportunity but the question is how much will they accept and how much graduate is gonna put in for it

  3. Franca Emeruom Franca Emeruom

    Is like all the companies had a meeting on how to better our peoples’ lives, a welcome development indeed. The Lucky ones should not fail to grab these opportunities now , good luck!

    • Ethel Clara Ethel Clara

      These days it seems like there’s many opportunities to make people’s life better. That’s good anyway, I hope it helps a lot of people.

  4. Kassim Waheed Kassim Waheed

    This is an opportunity for everyone out there,I pray people get to approach this opportunity as it is

  5. Anonymous Anonymous

    Nigeria are rising now.thank God .this is an opportunity for unemployable graduated people to gain more skills

  6. Adigun Uthman Akinkunmi Adigun Uthman Akinkunmi

    this one our companies are turning up in helping and employing Nigerians is it not what I’m thinking is it not that our government are pressurizing then under ground?

  7. Esther Olalekan Esther Olalekan

    So, companies have joined in giving out scholarships, I was happy to see this until I saw the eligibility, either way, good luck to the applicants

  8. Muyiwa Olalekan Muyiwa Olalekan

    I wish all this scholarship are true. BBcause will only pretend to be helping the poor while those that want to benefits from it are already have it

  9. Josephat Uchechukwu Josephat Uchechukwu

    Some companies are now doing what Federal and State government are not doing. Keep it up, perhaps they will follow suit.

  10. Afolabi Sulton Afolabi Sulton

    These companies giving scholarship are actually doing the right thing. Let’s support the youths for the betterment of this country.

  11. Abdulazeez Oladimeji Abdulazeez Oladimeji

    Oando is a Strong oil company in Nigeria. Given out scholarship did not help the country alone it helps the company itself. Big thanks to oando for this scholarship support in Nigeria.

  12. Diepriye Daniel Diepriye Daniel

    Wow this is a great opportunity to be part of something very wonderful, it will help a lot of people out there, and thanks for those that came up with something like this


    This is a great benefits for those who graduated and having their certificate and I hope this will help government in reducing unemployment in Nigeria.


    Wonderful! Well-done to Oando Nigeria Enterprises for this kind of opportunities given to Nigeria and Nigerian in general.More grease to your elbow.

  15. Musab Shuaib Musab Shuaib

    This is a great opportunity given by the enterprises to help youth in coping with there financial needs. Well done oando

  16. Muibat Agbeke Muibat Agbeke

    The program is good but are they going to empowered them all? Because doing a course that at the end there will be no money to start up

  17. May Jesukolade Jeremiah May Jesukolade Jeremiah

    More relevant details about the scholarship program should be properly disclosed without any reason to get the money

  18. dauda jafar dauda jafar

    I think this is very important as well as the well-being of our country is concern and it is a good idea and a great opportunity.

  19. Mayowa Ojo Mayowa Ojo

    This is a great opportunity for people to gain mew skills that can be useful for themselves and their community. Nice job oando

    • Muraina Sodirat Muraina Sodirat

      A great idea. Thanks to Oando for giving out this opportunities to graduates in order to discover their skills that can be useful for them.

  20. Dambiz Dambiz

    A big thanks to oando for the great opportunity given to graduates, at least with this there is hope for some graduate if not all. Thanks to oando once again.

  21. Adesida Adeyemi Adesida Adeyemi

    Here comes the opportunity for the graduate I it will be better to utilize it in a very good manner because there is a saying that says opportunity comes but once

  22. Jeremiah Ishaya Jeremiah Ishaya

    Great and nice update, I think enfaces should made a lot to favour the scholar ship and that will help many undergraduate an opportunity to be good ambassador for tommorow leaders.


    All these scholarships, I hope they are all true, because if they are true then there’s a solution to lack of education in Nigeria

  24. James Ugwu James Ugwu

    Its a nice opportunity for graduates to learn how best to apply their knowledge but I would have loved them to include those who just graduated, those still serving and those that graduated with 2/2.

  25. Peace Chinedu Peace Chinedu

    How sure is all these online application. I don’t really trust this online registration or application

  26. Elijah Aborisade Elijah Aborisade

    I believe this is true and they are always ready to fulfil their promises through schorlaship scheme which they have promised .

  27. Emmanuel Nish Abraham Emmanuel Nish Abraham

    this is a grt opportunity to a lot of graduate that didn’t have the means to further their education to apply at least this will help, and the government should always try and do something for the graduate..

  28. Isaac Samuel Isaac Samuel

    All these scholarship hope they not mere sc to raise the hopes of people up… Cause its really attention drawing

  29. Isaac Samuel Isaac Samuel

    On the contrary all these online application seems way too good to be true and its really catchy hope its true

  30. Adeyemo Odutayo Adeyemo Odutayo

    This is a great opportunity for people who need to further more in their education, and it will encourage people to have interest more for education, when such things is available…

  31. Sandra Toby Sandra Toby

    This is a very welcome development, if only the process of selection would be genuine and not based on internal contacts, it’ll really go a long way to help the unemployed graduates in the field.

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