Obasanjo, Others To Brainstorm On Nigeria’s Agricultural Transformation

Obasanjo, Others To Brainstorm On Nigeria’s Agricultural Transformation

Former president of Nigeria, Chief Olusegun Obasanjo, and other critical stakeholders in the agricultural sector will be convening at a groundbreaking initiative, The AgriConnect Summit 2024, to brainstorm on ways to transform Nigeria’s agricultural sector.

Set against the backdrop of Lagos, Nigeria, on May 31, 2024, this visionary summit aims to foster collaboration and innovation to tackle the pressing challenges confronting Nigerian agriculture.

Themed “Bridging the Divide: Cultivating Collaboration and Innovation for a Sustainable Agricultural Future,” The AgriConnect Summit promises a gathering of like-minds at the Landmark Event Centre in Lagos.

This pivotal one-day event will convene a diverse array of stakeholders, including technology firms spearheading advancements in farming practices and market connectivity, financial institutions providing tailored support for small and large sized agribusinesses, governmental bodies shaping agricultural policies and regulations, developmental organizations dedicated to empowering farmers and enhancing rural livelihoods, and both small-scale and large-scale farmers implementing innovative technologies and methodologies on the ground.

The organiser of The AgriConnect Summit, Dr Toyosi Obasanjo, in a press statement made available to LEADERSHIP, affirmed the event’s commitment to breaking down barriers and fostering collaboration among diverse stakeholders.

“At The AgriConnect Summit 2024, we are resolutely dedicated to dismantling barriers and fostering collaboration among diverse stakeholders. By convening leaders from technology, finance, government, developmental organizations, and agriculture, we aspire to co-create actionable strategies to surmount the obstacles faced by farmers and fortify food security in Nigeria.

“The AgriConnect Summit aims to dismantle silos between different sectors, fostering a more unified approach to agricultural development. By championing innovative solutions customized to the unique needs of Nigerian farmers, the summit seeks to generate actionable strategies to address food security challenges and ensure the enduring viability of Nigerian agriculture,” Obasanjo revealed.

The AgriConnect Summit said former President Obasanjo will be the distinguished Chairman of the occasion. Furthermore, the event will showcase speakers from renowned organisations such as Bank of Industry, Union Bank, the French Consulate, USAID, IITA, and Microsoft.

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