Oldest And Youngest Squads At Euro 2024 In Germany

All Euro 2024 Matchday One Fixtures, Kick-Off Time

The European Championship (Euro 2024) will kick off at 8 p.m. tonight, June 14, with the host, Germany, taking on Scotland at the Allianz Arena in Munich.

Before the Euro 2024 opening game, it might interest you to know the oldest and youngest squads at the tournament which will feature 24 countries.

Ahead of the competition, most football enthusiasts believe that star-studded teams like France with Kylian Mbappe as talisman, England with Jude Bellingham as talisman, and Portugal with Cristiano Ronaldo as talisman are the top three favourites to win the competition.

However, Germany are not a pushover in the contest since they are the hosts, and they also have some big-name players in their squad.

Interestingly, Germany has the squad with the highest number of old players at the Euro 2024. To make it more interesting, Germany’s tonight’s opponents, Scotland, have the second-oldest squad at the tournament, according to Transfermarkt.

On the other hand, the Czech Republic have the youngest squad at the Euro 2024, followed by Turkey and then England.

Below are the oldest squads and their average ages in the Euro 2024:

Germany – 28.5 years
Scotland – 28.3 years
Poland – 27.8 years
Denmark – 27.7 years
Croatia – 27.7 years
Switzerland – 27.7 years
Hungary – 27.4 years
Serbia – 27.4 years
Slovenia – 27.3 years
Albania – 27.3 years

Below are the youngest squads and their average ages in Euro 2024:

Czech Republic – 25.5 years
Turkey – 25.8 years
England – 26.1 years
Netherlands – 26.3 years
#Ukraine – 26.3 years
Italy – 26.5 years
Austria – 26.8 years
Belgium – 26.9 years
#France – 26.9 years
Portugal – 27 years