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Omashola Apologizes To Venita Over Offensive Comment At BBNaija Grand Finale Night

Adekola Sheu

Last updated on October 17, 2019

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Following the backlash that visited his offensive comment directed at Venita, Omashola has apologized.

Omashola has tendered an apology to fellow ex-BBNaija housemate Venita, for his ‘insensitive’ comment directed at her.

Recall, that on the finale of the Big Brother Naija ‘Pepper Dem’ edition, Omashola called Venita an ‘ugly mermaid’.

In a recent interview, he apologized to Venita, saying that it was insensitive of him and Venita will always be one of his favourite.

He also spoke about his love for the previous winner of the Big Brother Naija Show, Efe.

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    That’s human being, we done before we think how come you called this pretty and beautiful lady Benita “an ugly mermaid” is unfair. That’s the reason we should not talk when we are angry,also we should not promise when we are over joyous.

  2. It is the right thing to after realizing that you have made a bad comment which can bring some one down in the public since you have realize and say sorry I hope she will accept your apology?

  3. Its good to have realise your mistake and admit it openly this is what I call a real man. To face challenges and overcome it with bold mind

  4. I like the way you present yourself “Omoshola” that’s what we called “human feeling” because you put yourself under Venita’s Shoe,and that makes up to tender apology. Sorry Benita beautiful lady on behalf of Omoshola I tender apology. Sorry.

  5. Muibat Agbeke

    Is better you realized your mistake brother for calling a human being lijevyou an ugly mermaid haa is big .for mermaid to be ugly that means it is finished

  6. That’s better, life continues after big brother and what happened in the house shouldn’t affect lives after all.

  7. Lols…all these people just dey act. They know they later apologise o, they just dey follow the house parole so dem go they create drama . The money no small sha.

  8. It’s good to realize your mistakes and also correct them, you can’t just insult anyone like that is not nice, use your words wisely


    The best to do if u know your mistake is to apologize so as to promote friendship well-done omoshola

  10. Adesida Adeyemi

    We are still on the fight of tacha and mercy to come back now omoshola and venita again hope this bb naija is not gonna turn everybody in this country against their self las las

  11. I don’t why is it that some people are completely ignorant of what use to come out of their mouth when making a discussion it is not advisable to insult some one because you not his creator. But nevertheless, I actually appreciate his effort by trying to seek for apology

  12. Franca Emeruom

    Is like they talk and behave any how in that BBN house. Omashola have you seen ugly mermaid before? How does she looks like? A man should not talk like parrot and apologizes later. its unfair!

  13. Muyiwa Olalekan

    Omoshola was trying to show that being in the big brother naija house is all about playing games. Coming out and apologized shows he knows what he’s doing.

  14. Is better you should appologise, i wonder why some people thing Like they are so superior than other people, at least reason very well before you should vomit any rubbish that you want to.

  15. Josephat Uchechukwu

    Medicine after death. What prompted you in the first place to talk to a woman like in the public. Your type is the one that has no regards for women.

  16. Lynx Williams

    I think both of them are matured so no beef should continue between the both of them. They should settle their differences and come together as friends

  17. The best way to be Happy is to realise your mistake and make an amend, and she is now proven to be a mature someone.

  18. Its better just take the decision to b happy as we lall know happiness is free.and she has proven and showed she a matured mind.. Lol

  19. May Jesukolade Jeremiah

    That’s really a very good and nice attitude towards her fellow friend that can easily be learnt By much Nigerians

  20. You apologizing doesn’t mean that you are wrong most times but to make peace.those that doesn’t know how to make peace should better learn from this oo

  21. Apology is a very good idea for someone who has do and undo, now for omoshola I think you have realized and think of your mistakes that a good decision you make.

    • Yes omoshola has realize his mistake it is good for him to apologized because he did something wrong and she should please forgive him.

  22. Abdulyakini Isah

    That is good relationship I think both are mature and they have to good relationship so that peace Will move between both of them, that is good i like it

  23. Lynx Williams

    Anyone who apolodizes has definitely realized his /her mistakes. Omashola, that’s a bold move on your part and I hope Venita forgives him

  24. This is good of you ,howcome the other day comment about the girl I hope you are 4given by her but that a good move Frm you

  25. Muraina Sodirat Muraina Sodirat

    Good, that is a great and very nice idea, apologizing for his wrong doings by calling her names. And you venita please kindly forgive him.

    • It’s good to have apologized to a person you offend, well done omashola…warri street!!!!And you venita please forgive him,he have realized his mistake

  26. It is good to apologized to the person you offend, and that person we hear you, that is the reason why you see her come and apologized the house.

  27. Thank God he realises his mistake. I will just tell Venita to accept his apology and let bygone be bygone

  28. Awokunle Gideon oluwaferanmi

    Lolzzz thjise words are actually bad.. But he sai( the truth that’s who Venita really is… He got her well

  29. Azeezat Nihinlola

    That mature of him, Its good to have realise your mistake and admit it openly this is what I call a real man but he shouldn’t have said it in the first place.

  30. Afolabi Sulton

    Yes , this is the reason right way to do it. No need to hate.. you all can work together and be great people in life.Let live lead

  31. akinode kehinde Akinode kehinde

    Comment:omashola ave really done a good thing by apologizing that means no more hatred and fight, that’s good of you

  32. Ugly mermaid ?. I laugh in Swahili.
    Good call that he apologized. Who knows maybe it would have cost him some future cash.

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