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  1. Obinka chinweokwu says:

    I have watch this film..very interesting andfunny also..kudos to aunty Jennifer

    1. Elijah Chimdike says:

      In this sequel, the focus is on Lefty’s struggles and the comfort availed to her by her adopted mother, the more organized life of her twin sister and her affinity for the ghetto.

  2. Atilola Ibrahim says:

    Wow this movie is very very very interesting and also teaches a lesson to all the people

    1. Elijah Chimdike says:

      This is a story about Lefty who, together with her squad from the ghetto, was always getting into one trouble or the other.

  3. Womoemi Daniel Egunema says:

    The title alone draws attention, ghetto can be any where but when you hear ghetto what comes to mind is a rough neighborhood. I grew up in a ghetto, very rough and tough to get along with other kids who were bullies

    1. Elijah Chimdike says:

      As luck would have it, fortune smiled on Lefty and she was adopted alongside her twin sister, Ayomide, by the lovely Mrs Benson and moved to an upper-class neighborhood.

  4. It’s very nice movie and teaches about the street life and how to survive it.

  5. Elisha Elibabs says:

    It is a very very very nice video…. in which one cannot forget for life

    1. Elijah Chimdike says:

      Irrespective of all the affluence and the new luxurious change in environment, Lefty still finds herself going back to the ghetto, falls in love in the ghetto and keeps getting in trouble.

      1. Nura Sulaiman says:

        Very good thank God for the kmmmmm Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm everything is good and the other mooooooooovei

        1. John Akpan says:

          I think this movie is a top-notch

  6. Muhammad Shaba says:

    I have not watch it but I will like to watch it. So if possible someone can help me with the link I will be very glad

  7. Jesse John says:

    I have hearing about this movie since it was released, now downloading it from here is giving me problem

  8. Noah Micheal says:

    Omo ghetto ,this is one of the best movie,Nigeria has made so far,wow congrat.

  9. Ochai Philip says:

    Ride home now that was just fantastic 💂🙎🙋🗣🗣💁🙏🌧🌦🌤🌬🌧⭐🌦🌦🌦🌦🌧

  10. Malik Rafiu says:

    She decides that what she needs to do is prove to her boyfriend that she can be everything he wants her to be which is; responsible, driven, focused and wife material.

  11. Elijah Chimdike says:

    The Saga’ is a sequel to a Ghetto film which debuted a decade ago. It tells the story of twin sisters Lefty and Ayomide who live different lives after being separated in their formative years but reunited as adults by series of twists.

  12. Austine Meneboyi says:

    An interesting and funny movie. It’s full of fun and laughter

  13. Aisha Jibrin says:

    Just learnt about this movie today. I will watch it

  14. Ugbodaga Josephine says:

    Omo gheto..dis funke is hilarious I swear,I was laughing like a mad woman lol

  15. Godiva Reebok says:

    Omo ghetto one of the most thrilling movie in Nigeria that is really causing waves in the cinema,i really love it, keep it up ✊

    1. Uruvo Evidence says:


  16. Saifullahi Ibrahim says:

    I love this platform easy to download movies and you can also watch the trailer and have an amazing experience in this platform

  17. Yusuf Samuel says:

    I love this movie

  18. Justice Ihechukwu says:

    Jeez!! If you haven’t watched this movie, you are missing alot o😂😂. Very very interesting and funny

  19. Egharegbemi Mene says:

    This movie is full of drama and romance and it’s also entertaining and interesting. Keep watching

  20. Egharegbemi Mene says:

    This movie is full of fun and romance and it’s also entertaining and interesting. Watch it

    1. Godbless Ugbenbofa says:

      This movie is very interesting movie stupendously romantic and interesting movie it’s a must watch

  21. Ajimajasan Joshua says:

    Good morning to you Mr malody, this is a great movie 🎦 and awesome views it’s was very interesting article movie 🎦

  22. Ajimajasan Joshua says:

    This is a very interesting article movie 🎦 and awesome video because it was good and fantastic 🤔 😍

    1. Ugbenbofa says:

      The best that can happen to a person is to discover your self and know the best for you
      Interesting movie

  23. Oyajide Tunde says:

    This movie is sure to be interesting
    Can’t wait to download and watch it

    1. Graham Anthony says:

      Yeah me too it’s seems and look pretty loveable to watch

  24. Alphonsus Johnbosco says:

    Just wat I was hoping to see …👍👍

  25. Alphonsus Johnbosco says:

    Looking forward to watch this movie

  26. Innocent Joy says:

    This is so interesting the setting of the movie is very perfect good to go

  27. Umar Jibril says:

    This is a very romatic movie i have ever watch it makes me feel loved again

  28. Adebisi OGUNWADE says:

    when you are in good mood and you watching funny movie it will just be looking like you are performing drama because you will just be laughing all the time trying to watching movies and forgot your sorrow

    1. Niminji Yohana says:

      Yes that what I do when am dipprest and needed to clear my head

  29. Umar Jibril says:

    This is an intresting movie i really enjoyed watching it

    1. Richard Emmanuel says:

      A must watch 👆
      Just love the action

  30. Bliss Amy says:

    This is a romantic drama where two love birds reunite after many years.
    Love is a good thing.
    Will this love last?
    Find out by watching the movie

  31. Bliss Amy says:

    This is a romantic movie.
    It talks about what is happening in our world today.
    We should be able to build our self up before entering into relationship.
    What will be the outcome of this?

  32. Muhammad Musa says:

    The movie is full of adult case, it not really my liking, but manys going to enjoy it

  33. holaniyi busayo says:

    such nice and romance movies it really interesting

    1. Joy innocent says:

      My o my this is just for me I will keep on watching over and over again

  34. holaniyi busayo says:

    it really cool and kind of makes sense

  35. Adeyi ibukun says:

    Wow this movie is very interesting and fantastic I love it

  36. Obisung Toyo says:

    Love is a beautiful thing

  37. Obisung Toyo says:

    There’s more to love than attraction

  38. Adebisi OGUNWADE says:

    we suppose to watching this movie because they are want us to show our oppnion on the comments so that they will know you are really constant on watching

    1. Maria Amu says:

      The best of me movie I like to download it

  39. Noble Okuku says:

    Can you repost the download link?

  40. Praise David says:

    Thank you so much for this new addition. You are truly meeting our need by living up to your word. Continue doing the good things you are known for. Thanks once again.

    1. Godbless Ugbenbofa says:

      True love never dies it will last for ever no matter the circumstances

  41. Praise David says:

    A romantic movie. This in my opinion is not appropriate for some categories and should be rated. Parental guide highly advocated here please.

  42. Ibrahim goni aisami says:

    Wow nice one i love it and i will like to watching again

    1. Romanus Onyebuchi Onyebuchi says:

      Love ! Love ! Love !

      The desire for completeness and incompleteness … Very education

  43. Nwobasi Chikamso Nnabuife says:

    Nice movie ♥️♥️♥️♥️

  44. Emmanuel Nkemdirim says:

    A really romantic film. I love the concept

  45. Wow I love such videos so keep it up Melody.

    1. Anas Muhammad says:

      I like the movie very nice Give them pleasure. The same pleasure they have when they wake up from a nightmare.

  46. John Akpan says:

    It’s a nice movie but watching it with kids around, it not advices able

  47. Valentino Joshua says:

    The movie is very lovely

  48. Valentino Joshua says:

    Don’t watch it with children though its lovely

  49. Niminji Yohana says:

    If love was a name 💜💜💜💜💜💜💜☺️☺️☺️☺️☺️🤩🤩🤩🤩

  50. Oyeyemi pelumi says:

    I’m very happy with this movies it very nice

  51. Oyeyemi pelumi says:

    So cool movies made me feel better thanks for this movie is very good

  52. Babawale Precious says:

    Nice movie

  53. Ochai Philip says:

    Fantastic movie download free download and reconnect with me to be a participant in the best of the only one

  54. Simisola Akeju says:

    There are a lot of movies on this blog that I have watched but many I can just recollect and this movie is one of them

  55. Godbless Ugbenbofa says:

    Very interesting movie I can’t wait to download this movie the info is very interesting

  56. holaniyi busayo says:

    Nice and interesting movies it really cool

  57. Godbless Ugbenbofa says:

    It’s will be very interesting movie I can’t wait to download this movie I hope it will be interesting as the info

  58. Simisola Akeju says:

    I will try to watch this movie.

  59. Victor Obire says:

    I felt for this heart touching movie

  60. Victor Obire says:

    😁😎😜 nice

  61. Simisola Akeju says:

    Not advisable for the young ones to watch

  62. Godbless Ugbenbofa says:

    Very interesting movie I can’t wait to watch and rewatch

    1. Jane Oghenevwaire Okoro Arhore says:

      Great movie and beautiful but couldn’t download it yet wowooooo

  63. Emmanuel Nwakpuda says:

    Drama and fiction, good concept

  64. Simisola Akeju says:

    This is marvellous!!!

  65. Emmanuel Nkemdirim says:

    Great movie,I love the whole filming

    1. Niminji Yohana says:

      Yes it’s not only great but marvelous and fascinating

  66. Emmanuel Nkemdirim says:

    Very cool movie. I love the story

  67. Emmanuel Nkemdirim says:

    Great movie,I enjoyed watching it

  68. Bliss Amy says:

    This is a comedy drama.
    I can’t wait to download and watch the movie.
    Thanks to melody blog for bringing this to limelight.

  69. Bliss Amy says:

    Interesting and amazing movie with captivating moments.
    In this movie the Mann he took shelter in his house took him to a game of crime and punishment.
    I am just imagining what will happen

  70. Joy innocent says:

    Amazing to watch I will try to download it watch to the end I love it

  71. Joy innocent says:

    This is my kind of movie the setting the rules played are so nice good to watch twice

  72. Joy innocent says:

    Wow wow wow very existing to watch everything about the movie is interesting I love it

  73. Bliss Amy says:

    This is a crime scene movie where a teenager is refered as drug Lord.
    He explained how he built a drug empire from his childhood.
    Watch to find out more.

  74. Saifullahi Ibrahim says:

    😯 Woo I like this videos

  75. Bliss Amy says:

    This is drama that has thrilling moments.
    Motherhood is a good thing.
    Mother’s don’t joke with their children.
    In this movie a mother travelled far to get revenge for the son.
    Was she able to get what she seek find out

  76. Bliss Amy says:

    It is good to be in a relationship when you are with the right person.
    This a love movie.
    Watch to find out what happened to this two love birds?

  77. Moses Ajayi says:

    Hi am I going to have a lot to do and what time I will try and get a few things every school today

  78. Ochai Philip says:

    Fantastic day and watch the best of No me and watch 👁 watch the existing window before

  79. Ochai Philip says:

    Fantastic day and The same thing You have been doing good morning 🌄 🌄 🌄 🌄 time ♎️ ♎️ ♎️ ♎️ ♎️

  80. Photographer E says:

    A movie of revenge, I am sure this would be a nice movie to watch

    1. Graham Anthony says:

      Yeah and to be honest this movie it’s captivating and lovely

  81. Photographer E says:

    A dangerous game of both crime and punishment. Its lovely to watch

  82. Photographer E says:

    Nice comedy movie. Download and enjoy

  83. Malik Rafiu says:

    Fabulously this movie is out off point

  84. Malik Rafiu says:

    This movie is great

  85. Malik Rafiu says:

    I can’t stop watching this

  86. Malik Rafiu says:

    I love everything about this movie

  87. Malik Rafiu says:

    This movie need alot of stars …. fucking interesting

  88. Opeyemi Ayoade says:

    Very cool and interesting movie to watch

  89. Opeyemi Ayoade says:

    Interesting cool movie of its time… Love it

  90. Opeyemi Ayoade says:

    This would be a interesting movie, I’m downloading next

  91. Opeyemi Ayoade says:

    Interesting, cool, lovely movie to watch, this is super cool

  92. Umar Jibril says:

    This is an intresting comedy drama.

  93. Umar Jibril says:

    This is an eye-catching captivating movie it really draws my attention

  94. Umar Jibril says:

    This movie looks farmillia to me but am going to watch it to confirm that.

  95. Umar Jibril says:

    This is an extra-ordinary movie and it has a great message that is passing through

  96. Ajimajasan Joshua says:

    Very pretty movie and intelligent and very good movie and this is super cool 😎

    1. Jane Oghenevwaire Okoro Arhore says:

      This movie make sense Sha it’s an interesting thriller movie

  97. Ezra Tanko says:

    Wow this movie is very much good and lovely

  98. Ezra Tanko says:

    Wow wow this movie is very good and educated

  99. Ezra Tanko says:

    This movie is very much good and lovely ever

  100. Ezra Tanko says:

    Wow this movie is very much good and lovely

  101. Ezra Tanko says:

    This movie is very much good and lovely

  102. Praise David says:

    It is good that melody has made films easily accessible and easily downloadable. You guys are relentless in your effort and you are doing really well. Being here is very good also.

  103. Praise David says:

    Our mothers deserve respect. Thumbs up to all mothers out there. We cannot fully reward you for your sacrifices for us. We love you.

  104. Muhammad Abdulganiy says:

    Awon omo ghetto

  105. Simon Nsude says:

    This is very interested movie

  106. holaniyi busayo says:

    This film was so 🔥🔥🔥🔥 incredible performance

  107. Bello Taofeeq says:

    interesting… i cant wait to download it

  108. Muhammad Abdulganiy says:

    Nice one funke Akindele

  109. Ohi Abraham says:

    Carrying out the kind of action film production such as this

  110. Iheanyichukwu Ogechi says:

    I like her Movie’s so much😋

  111. Kehinde Oni says:

    One of the movie that makes my childhood interesting

  112. Ofonime Dennis says:

    Interesting movieLovely and interested, it’s makes my day

  113. Emmanuel Nwakpuda says:

    I have been doing well, to watch this movie is very nice

  114. Justice Iheme says:

    Very interesting movie a must watch and very enjoyable to watch

  115. Oyeyemi pelumi says:

    This is so hot and so far movies

  116. Joseph Sandra says:

    very good it’s interesting and motivation

  117. manyor ovat says:

    Lovely ,so many sacrifices just because of love

  118. Stephen Mmadueke says:

    Beautiful movie nd funny I love it

  119. Onyebuchi Onwumere says:

    Omo ghetto
    Sweet oo

  120. Emmanuel Tochukwu says:

    Movie were making sense my favorite actress ,rugged and amazing movie

  121. Junior Iyke says:

    The great ghetto movie I love it

  122. Olamilekan Ibrahim says:

    Omo ghetto is a great and action movie

  123. Namnse Udo says:

    Wow nice movie can’t wait to download it.

  124. Namnse Udo says:

    An interesting movie worth watching.

  125. Nosa Davidson says:

    Very hilarious I can’t wait to watch the full movie.

  126. Muhammad Umar says:

    Fantastic job poster about the new one

  127. Muhammed Abdul says:

    This very nice and interesting, it teaches alot

  128. Iheanyichukwu Ibuchim says:

    I Love The Whole Movie

  129. Onuigbo Chinasa says:

    I just love this movie

  130. Henry Ifeanyi Oriaku says:

    This is awesome 😂

  131. Nkiru Pepertua says:

    I trust funke she will fall into trouble 20times and come out 20 times ,

  132. Oludare Femi says:

    Nice movie I guess, but I prefer action movies anyway

  133. Very very interested I would like to watch it again and again and again and again and again and again

  134. Eruku Eniola says:

    Keeping shinning ,this is the best film ever made that I just keep rewatching

  135. Idris Ibrahim says:

    Hmmmmm, what a movie

  136. Olabanji Wisdom says:

    Nice performance,keep the good work going

  137. Precious Nelson says:

    Nice movie to be seen and I love to see more of this movie

  138. Olabanji Wisdom says:

    Nice performance👍👍

  139. Emmanuel Warifaghe says:

    Nice one , this movie na a must watch o….

  140. Michael Clue says:

    Oooh wow” am still watching” this movie is a block buster ” 1 in a thousands ….

  141. Oluwatobi Adewale B says:

    I really like this movie very interesting to watch

  142. Cecilia Adamu says:

    I love the movie so so much and i need to watch it again oooooooo

  143. Olua Chinyere says:

    The movie of the moment. Omo ghetto is so comedy and action packed up that you can’t help but watch it jenifa as fondly called put in a lot of hard work into this movie

  144. Lexzy Gold says:

    If I like myself, it is easy to like people around me. On the other hand, if I am unhappy with myself, it is easy to feel unhappy with those around me. May you become the biggest fan of yourself.

  145. Divine Ayibam says:

    This is sooo beautiful

  146. akinyemi Oriyomi says:

    Much love for you ❤❤❤❤❤ funke akindele

  147. Vincent Pitan says:

    Very interesting and amazing movie

  148. Jamiu Kamaldeen says:

    Eeeeh Omo Getto great film funke Akindele really try in that movie

  149. Olorundamisi Bamidele says:

    I just love watching this movie

  150. Oke Uwuseba says:

    Nice movie and to be seen over again and again.

  151. Sani Mohammad says:

    Omo ghetto arrangement and good squat

  152. Iheanyichukwu Ogechi says:

    This movie is more dan interested

  153. Goodness Emmanuel says:

    Nice one amazing movie

  154. Enobong George says:

    I’m yet to watch this movie ooooo….
    I bet it’ll be so so funny 😅😂😂

  155. FRANCIS ADENIJI says:

    I think this is the best Nigeria movie with comedy

  156. Obanye Chidera says:

    Wonderful movies I love watching it

  157. Kelvin Cyprian says:

    Omo ghetto is one of the Nigerian best movie acted it is very interesting and good to watch

  158. Olamide Benjamin says:

    Really,I didn’t know the video was out

  159. Ohi Abraham says:

    This is the best home video editor for the time

    1. Olusola Victor says:

      I really love this this movie , all the actress just dey scatter ground

  160. Muhammad Abdulganiy says:

    Thanks again for the opportunity

  161. Zainab Ajoke says:

    The movie is so cool , and I love it

  162. Divine Ayibam says:

    Thanks again for the opportunity

  163. alao Damilare says:

    A big kudos to funks akindele, she really kills the movie nice one

  164. Shelem Pius says:

    This movie hot
    I like it so much

  165. Emoabino Luqman says:

    The performance in this movie blis so great. It gives a vivid scenerio of life in the streets. The movie is awesome.


    Ghetto life🥰🥰.. .I so much love this movie

  167. Tochukwu Joshua Chukwu says:

    the more organized life of her twin sister and her affinity for the ghetto. 😍😍

  168. Ahmad Musa says:

    The more organized the life of her sister it really does good

  169. Ededet Nya inyang says:

    I was never a fan of nollywood movies ..but when I watched this movie by funke Akindele it motivated me to become a fan of nollywood funny and interesting guys ..pls watch

  170. Imamumalik Ahmad says:

    I have seen this video its romantic video I learn a good thins

  171. Kingsley Ipl says:

    Wow I really learnt good thing in dis video

    1. Cletus Agbor says:

      Yeah …me tooo..cause am really a fan of comedy

  172. Nosa Davidson says:

    You have been warned to watch before comenting

  173. Josephine Adiele says:

    Nice Movie was never a fan of nollywood movies but funke akindele motivated me with her movies

  174. Ayomide Olowe says:

    Wow omo this moive mad ooo

  175. Oluwadarasimi Owolabi says:

    This is one of my best Yoruba movies thanks to Melody blog if not I wouldn’t have heard about it

  176. Jimoh Toheeb says:

    This is a very thrilling movie
    Can’t stop watching and watching again

  177. Stanley Okoye says:

    I so much love this movie . interesting

  178. Olaosebikan Wareez says:

    Omo gettho is a very funny movie no matter how many times you watched it you will still love to watch it again and again

  179. manyor ovat says:

    Wow this movie is pretty good

  180. Ogunleye Segun says:

    Wow this movie is interesting

  181. Ibrahim Abogu says:

    Woow senior madam is in the building madam funkie akkidele, I can’t wait to have this movie

  182. Andrew Olugbenga says:

    Interesting movie i really love this ,I need to share this

  183. Obio Obio Andy says:

    Wow. I love the movie so much , great work being done

  184. Micheal Bokpe says:

    Funke akindele is a guru when it comes to movies like this❣️

  185. Ifecoal Ipl says:

    Fantabulous so lovely

  186. Abdulbaqi Hassan says:

    Looking forward to seeing everyone

  187. Isaac Ade says:

    This movie is one of the best movies of all time

  188. David Okon says:

    Am interested and so amazing

  189. Ekene Idowu says:

    Omo the vibe of this movie is massive , great content guys

  190. Ekene Idowu says:

    Very very good film , omo everything about the movie Is just amazing , so glad i downloaded It , amazing content

  191. Anuma Pius says:

    Everything about this movie is just enticing

  192. Peter Orukpe says:

    What an incredible movie

  193. James Etubi says:

    Very intersteing movie

  194. Boniface Francis says:

    Hmmmm, I am short of words oooo

  195. David James says:

    Ummmm what a nice and funny movie

  196. Abubakar Aliyu says:

    Very interested and funny melody movie

  197. Hosea Moses says:

    Two things are involved here funny and getto movie I love it

  198. Ayodele Daniel says:

    It’s really sagatious

  199. Moses Boluwatife says:

    Funke akindele never disappoints in any of her movies.

  200. Adebola Elizabeth says:

    The vibes of this movie is notch up…kudos to producer of this movie funked Akindele bello…very hilarious

  201. Jonathan Ekwere says:

    Lol… this movie is on point, best thing is that they’ve brought out music

  202. Akinsun Michael says:

    This movie is very much interesting and funny

  203. Rapheal Babatunde says:

    Wonderful I can’t stop watching and laughing 🤣🤣

  204. Yong Simon says:

    WOW what an interesting movie Jenifer knows how to make me laugh

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