1. This just makes we even more upset about the Netflix “Death Note”. It should’ve been a series, like this, not that garbage heap of a film they put out.

  2. Going Merry looks so hideous. Such a shame!

  3. Does anyone know how long each episode is?

  4. Oh god, the cgi looks a lot better in this one. I was a bit scared that it would've looked stupid

  5. Bellamy appears before Skypiea and Silver Fox Foxy didn’t appear until after Skypiea so they’re probably already working on a second season. Don’t know if he’s significant enough to include but his mini arc had one of the best moments in anime dub history.

  6. Finally a good anime to live action… stick with the material guys, it always works

  7. Why does one piece original voice actors not give the original voice…. It's so terrible

  8. I like Usopp's little squeal at 1:41, it sounds like a noise the real Usopp VA would make

  9. 6/10
    Till how long can they put up with this kind of production?
    I reckon 2 episodes tops

  10. Tbh I have a feeling that this is going to be the biggest shit I will ever see

  11. As huge anime fan, I'm quite measured and rather skeptical. If the trailer was just for a movie, I'd be cool, but they're trying to make an adaptation of my beloved anime, and there's no room for failure. For now, I have mixed, even slightly negative feelings about it.

  12. I dont know shit about one piece, i stopped watching after luffy lost against Crocodile the first time, so im not exactly an expert with this series, but this honestly looks good to me, cant wait to watch it.

  13. Remember every one cowboy bebop had a good trailer as well and it look promising till it came out so keep your expectations low

  14. THE ONE PEICE IS REAL!!!!!!!!!11!!!

  15. They have butchered gol d Roger, zoro, nami and mihawks charecter. luffy looks and sounds like the English dub which for those who watch the anime, know it's not a good thing either.

  16. Oh man. Can't wait for that entire Walk to Arlong Park sequence already.

  17. Okay I'm not going to lie… For live action that looks pretty good. Does not look like Dragonball Evolution so we 👍🏾

  18. BRooooooo I must say besides the goofy look of GOld Roger, the BTS' Zorro and the unthreatening make up of Arlong, the vibe is defenitely on point!!! I give you guys a big chance for the big risk u took here. U know u set the bar high choosing One piece. Don't cry if we crucify you of course. Good luck Netflix!

  19. at 0:07, there's a guy with a green hood in the crowd it could be dragon

  20. They messed up on one thing the straw hats didn’t name there crew someone named it for them

  21. I’m mad Ussopp doesn’t have a 7 inch long nose 😤 jk this looks pretty solid don’t wanna get my hopes too high tho

  22. This is better than what I thought it would look like. Will see if it follows through.

  23. I don't remember Luffys calling his self the straw hats pirates 🤔

  24. This actually looks pretty good. Maybe even better than the Death Note adaptation.

    I never watched the anime (it’s super long though like holy sh!t I’m not watching all those episodes from start to finish) but I’m definitely looking forward to watching this film!

  25. I didn’t knwo ar long park was gonna be in, when I first saw one piece that was the hook for me, everything else looks great and I cant wait to watch it

  26. the only bad design in this are the fishman, it just doesnt look very good. tbh there isnt much they could have done they portrayed it as best anyone could. im so excited for this

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