1. Great to see Cary Elwes back again and Hugh Grant as Mr. Badass, but surely not???

  2. In the Netherlands this movie is already out for quite some time. I saw it early January.

  3. Thanos: I am inevitability itself. Darth Sidious: you will know all the deadly power of the dark side Darth Vader: the force sustains me. Darkseid: I will destroy you with my omega beams. Stethem: what. Thanos:☠️ Darth Sidious:☠️ Darth Vader:☠️. Darkside:☠️.

  4. I noticed you got rid of the words Ukrainians. Did you bend the knee and change the bad guys?

  5. March 3? LMAO i watched this movie a couple of weeks ago in the cinema with my wife. 🤣

    (In The Netherlands)

  6. Isn’t this movie already released???? Cause I watched it

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