Outback 2020 Movie

Patrick OthukeJune 10, 2020

The ‘Outback 2020 movie‘ is about An American couple that fight for survival after getting lost in the Australian Outback. This Australian film is directed by Mike Green, and written by Mike Green and Brien Kelly.

Stars features in this film are: Kym Cramp, Brendan Donoghue and Lauren Lofberg.

Down Under for an adventure-filled vacation, a young American couple quickly find themselves stranded in the unforgiving Australian outback.

Outback Story-line

Outback 2020 movie tells the terrifying tale of a young couple lost in the wilderness and fighting for survival. Wade and Lisa head to Australia hoping to recharge their failing romance. When their GPS fails, they leave their car and head off on foot to find a new route.

As night falls, they must spend the night in the bush without food, water, or weapons, surrounded by snakes, scorpions, and wild dogs. Now, one decision could mean the difference between life and certain death.

Outback 2020 Movie Cast Overview

  • Kym Cramp, as Cattle musterer
  • Brendan Donoghue, as Keith Coopers
  • Lauren Lofberg, as Lisa Sachs
  • Taylor Wiese, as Wade Kelly
  • Jim Winton Porter, as Cab driver

The Film Details

Genre: Thriller
IMDB Rating: 5.1/10 From 143 Users
Director(s): Mike Green
Stars: Kym Cramp , Brendan Donoghue , Lauren Lofberg
Runtime: 1 h 25 min
Release Date: 12 October 2019 (Australia)
Resolution: 1920×1072
Language/Subtitle: English
IMDB Link:
Source: 1080pweb-dlh264ac3-evo

User Review

When it comes down to travel into unforgiving regions, then find yourself stuck in that reality far away enough you can’t reach civilization & you haven’t fully prepared yourself for such a reality then you’re an idiot. This flick shows you what reality is for idiots. Learn from this flick before embarking into a different reality. k?

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