Outrage trails father’s reaction as daughter gets expelled over poor CGPA

Outrage trails father’s reaction as daughter gets expelled over poor CGPA

An angry father faces severe backlash over his hurtful voice note to his daughter who was expelled from her faculty at the university over a low CGPA.

A TikTok user identified @verifiedplayboy001 took to the video-sharing platform to share a circulating video of an enraged father.

According to the caption on the video, the third-year student of Ambrose Alli University Ekpoma got expelled from her department due to her grades not meeting the faculty’s standard.

In reaction, her father lashed at her, urging her to take her life so his days of wasting money on her education could come to an end.

“My prayer na for you be say make you go take snipper or enter moto mouth make you die there, I will happily come and carry your dead body and bury you. I’m your father, that is my prayer for you. You can’t just be wasting my money,” he said in part.

Reactions as father urges daughter to die after getting expelled over low CGPA

somtochukwu080 said: “This is a man who’s angry, I’m not saying his words are right but you gotta understand him, the way the country is, spending so much money to send your child to school and he/she isn’t serious with it and faild every class, I’d be mad and disappointed too, I know how it feels cause I have younger once in school, e no easy to train person for school.”

mastersofartlagos opined: “Parents like this are usually the ones that forces their kids to study what they don’t want, and when they don’t do well they make them feel like thrash! Most parents caused serious traumas for people! 😢It is well, anyways, you can get amazing deals on art today”

chioma_mathias noted: “Because of education that she might end up being jobless when she’s done , you are pushing your very own child to depre$$ion . What if she comm#ts su#cide . E come be law , in this lawless country”

bigfeeztm penned: “Y’all don’t know how heartbreaking this can be for parents when they get informations like this 💔💔” 

Watch the video below …


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