Paying subsidies, lying about it nothing to brag about – Atiku hits Tinubu

Paying subsidies, lying about it nothing to brag about – Atiku hits Tinubu

“Ever since, it has been a bragging right of Tinubu and
officials of his administration.


“I had in my statement reviewing the one year of the Bola
Tinubu administration, urged the government to come clean on the actual
position of the subsidy policy.


“These were my exact words: “…provide clarity on the fuel
subsidy regime, including the fiscal commitments and benefits from the fuel
subsidy reform and the impact of this on the Federation Accounts. It is curious
that since April 2024, fuel queues have mounted at many filling stations across
Nigeria, and the infamous ‘black market’ has sprouted in several states. How
much PMS is being imported and distributed, and at what cost? What is the
implicit subsidy?”


“If the subsidy regime had been characterised by opaqueness,
what would we say of a situation where the subsidy is still being paid
undercover without Nigerians in the know?


“Like millions of Nigerians, I was shocked to learn through
media reports that the “government is still supporting downstream consumption.”


“Now we know that expenditure on fuel subsidy may reach N5.4
trillion in 2024, compared to the N3.6 trillion spent in 2023, the same year
that Tinubu claimed to have abolished fuel subsidy.


“I wish to restate that Nigeria is not working, and what we
have had in a little over a year is a cocktail of trial-and-error economic
policies. Paying subsidies and lying about it is nothing to brag about.
Nigerians deserve better than this deception.”

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