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(Train to Busan) Peninsula 2020 Movie

Last updated on October 5, 2020

Peninsula (Train to Busan 2), is a 2020 Action/Thriller film directed by Sang-ho Yeon, and written by Sang-ho Yeon and Ryu Yong-jae.

This Korean film features the following stars: Dong-Won Gang, Jung-hyun Lee and Re Lee. Sequel to the 2016 South Korean zombie film Train to Busa (2016).

Train to Busan: Peninsula 2020 Movie

Four years after South Korea’s total decimation in TRAIN TO BUSAN, the zombie thriller that captivated audiences worldwide, acclaimed director Yeon Sang-ho brings us PENINSULA.

The next nail-biting chapter in his post-apocalyptic world. Jung-seok, a soldier who previously escaped the diseased wasteland, relives the horror when assigned to a covert operation with two simple objectives: retrieve and survive.

When his team unexpectedly stumbles upon survivors, their lives will depend on whether the best-or worst-of human nature prevails in the direst of circumstances.

Peninsula Cast

  • Dong-Won Gang
  • Jung-hyun Lee
  • Re Lee
  • Hae-hyo Kwon
  • Min-Jae Kim
  • Gyo-hwan Koo
  • Do-Yoon Kim
  • Ye-Won Lee

Train to Busan Peninsula 2020 Movie Review

That should be the title. I am VERY surprised this was selected for Cannes. This movie still got the K-Drama vibe but lacked the thriller and shock value of the first one – even for a tiny bit.

Nada. It’s like they tried too hard to appeal to western viewers and ended up producing a film that the Hollywood fanatics themselves would stomp on. It was just horrible. But I expected too much because you know, 4 years from Train to Busan!

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