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Why I Performed With My Sanitary Pad On Display – Singer Fantana

auwal usman

Ghanaian singer Fantana has finally opened up on why she performed with her sanitary pad showing.

The singer mad news after photos of her performing on stage at Shatta Wale’s concert emerged online with it showing her sanitary pad.

Fantana had donned a very short dress for the show, she showed off her thighs, making other things below her dress quite visible.

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Reacting to the photo, Fantana said her menstrual period came on few minutes before the show, so she had to perform like that.

In her words:”Regardless of my costume being transparent, my only option was to put on a sanitary pad and still go ahead to perform. I am a woman and I’m not ashamed of menstruating.

“I want to urge every woman to resist being discriminated against because of menstruation. I hope some people read wide and learn about menstrual health to stop the stereotype against young girls and women.

“Yes my menses appeared 30 minutes to my performance and I had to put on a sanitary pad and still go on stage.

“Menstruation is not a shame and I urge all young women take a cue from my actions and not to let it stop them from doing anything they want to do.”

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  1. Franca Emeruom

    Fantana you are a beautiful young lady no doubt, I like you but you should have wore tight to cover the pad. Every woman of age menstruate yes, but not to showing the world that they are in mensuration.

  2. Ethel Clara

    I can’t blame her for what happened.. Everything has been planned for the show including her costumes. And then, menses came.. It is a call of nature though, and I don’t see why she has to be ashamed of it.

  3. Wow this is really funny, mensuration can come at anytime, you can’t blame her, she’s already been paid for the show so money comes first


    The fans need to go along with her excuses even it can come during the course of concert she want to perform and if happened that it comes there is she can do to it than to perform her show.Sorry fans.

  5. Muibat Agbeke

    Although we did not see the kind of dress she wore but even at all the menses come ,she should know how to package it by where another pabt on top of the sanitary pad. Mensuration is not a new thing


    She is a woman that respect her feminism so women out there don’t ever get ashamed of yourself being a woman or menstruating

  7. Adesida Adeyemi

    At least she tried in doing whatever she can to make sure everything goes in proper way without causing any form of embarrassment

  8. Thanks. For the information is a solution to the, I don’t know when they Sara and believe me it was the best

  9. You as a woman you need to clean up yourself before you stage yourself and start concert on the stage since you know kind of dress you wore..This is a grace to all woman,God protect this mensuration as a secret you need to do it as soon as possible before stage yourself.

  10. Josephat Uchechukwu

    My dear your reason is not justifiable at all. Shall we be naked and irresponsible because of money, fame and power. We should add modesty in what we do knowing too well our actions will still remain after we left this world.

  11. Musa Abiodun

    Comment:It is totally absurd to show your sanitary pad to anyone not to talk of flashing it in a public event center.if at all you want to pass a message to the world,there’s a better way to do so rather than showing your human waste tools in public just like that.

  12. Muyiwa Olalekan

    This is normal and I like your courage. That shows you are still fertile to give birth for your husband. Good heart

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