Planned June 12 Protest: A Plot to Destabilise National Stability and discredit Nigeria’s Silver Jubilee of Untruncated Democracy

Who bears the cost of Nigeria’s aggressive strikes?

1. The Nigerian Civil Society unequivocally condemns the planned mass protest scheduled for June 12, 2024. Credible intelligence suggests that this protest is not a genuine expression of popular discontent but a calculated move orchestrated by a rented crowd with ulterior motives aimed at destabilizing our national security and tarnishing Nigeria’s image on the global stage. It is essential to highlight that the individuals and groups behind this protest are not recognized members of the legitimate Nigerian Civil Society. They are shadowy figures paid by vested interests who are intent on exploiting the current economic challenges to create chaos and discord. Such actions are not only irresponsible but are also deeply unpatriotic, at a moment Nigeria is celebrating twenty-five (25) years of untruncated democracy.

2. We are all aware of the severely compromised economy by successive administrations over the years and how the Civil Society has been engaging with government in the last one to rectify the extensive damage inflicted by previous regimes. The removal of the fuel subsidy, which has been very painful, is a step we all agreed is necessary in the long-term plan for economic recovery and sustainability, and that all Nigerians should exercise patience, and understand that the journey to national recovery is not instantaneous but gradual. Nigerians have also witnessed how we have over the past year, been diligently working to hold public institutions accountable and to ensure the delivery of good governance to the Nigerian people through various fora including our recent Civic Forum on Energy Security on 4th June, 2024 in Abuja. Our approaches are rooted in constructive engagement, dialogue, and collaborative problem-solving, against the planned action of these protesters which stand in stark contrast, and clearly driven by ulterior motives rather than genuine concern for the welfare of Nigerians.

3. We therefore call on Nigerians and the world to see through this planned charade and to recognize the true intent behind the protest. It is not a movement for the people but a veiled attempt to sow seeds of discord and instability. At a time when unity and resilience are paramount, we must not allow ourselves to be manipulated by those who do not have the nation’s best interests at heart. The Nigerian Civil Society as watchdog reaffirms commitment to the betterment of Nigeria, and to genuinely hold government to accountability through legitimate and sincere means. We urge all citizens to reject the protest call by this paid group, and we urge on security agencies to take note of these enemies of the Nigerian people and their planned action.
God Bless Nigeria

Adams Otakwu
Chairperson – Conference of Civil Societies
Coordinator – CIMICO (Civil-Military Cooperation)

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