Politicians will be voted out if they don’t share their loot with People – Ndume

Politicians will be voted out if they don’t share their loot with People – Ndume

Chief Whip of the Senate, Ali Ndume, has said politicians who loot the country’s treasury have ways of sharing them with the people.

Ndume said the politicians would not get a second term in their respective offices if they do not share the resources they steal with their constituents or people.

The Borno South senator said politicians “steal and share with the people” and as such do not deserve severe punishment.

Ndume disclosed this on Tuesday while speaking on the issue of death penalty for drug dealers on Channels TV Politics Today.

He said, “If you compare us, politicians, to all the corruption, it is very small. Our corruption is people-driven. If you steal it, you will go and share it with the people. If you don’t, you are not coming back for four years. There is no reason for stealing.

“I have been to the National Assembly, I can’t say because we are on TV now and not telling the truth. If the death penalty is supposed to be included in corruption, I will support it but you don’t go and kill someone that stole one million or one billion, no. But someone who steals one trillion of government money should be killed.

Backing the death penalty for drug dealers, Ndume said, “The death penalty is the best deterrent for those being caught for drugs. If you do drugs, you are killing people.

“In fact, that means you have destroyed the lives of so many people and killed so many people,” he said.

Recently, the Borno politician tackled President Bola Tinubu and the Central Bank of Nigeria on the now-cancelled 0.5% cybersecurity levy.

He faulted the federal government for not creating opportunities to earn more income, but burdening them with taxes.

“Their source of income, you are not widening it, you are not increasing it. I am not part of those that support levying people anyhow,” he said.

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