Portable throws shade at Vector, claims he’s more famous than him

Portable throws shade at Vector, claims he’s more famous than him

Controversial musician, Portable stirs outrage as he drags rapper, Vector while outlining why he’s more famous than him.

The musician revealed, while speaking to his fans during an Instagram live chat, that he feels he is more ‘blown’ than Vector.


He noted that he is more known in the streets and people love him a lot.

Portable questions whether he is as accepted as he is by the street, and queried whether he can pull supporters the way he does.

Portable vector famous Portable vector famous
Vector Tha Viper.

He insisted that he is more famous than Vector and more blown than the rapper.

It was gathered that Portable’s comment comes after Vector used the line, “Lion King no Zazuu” in a recent song, and some folks opined he was referring to Portable.

However, netizens seem to think otherwise and have taken to the comment section to express their thoughts.

abiola_olayajo said: “Portable should better stop coz he wasn’t referring to him in anyways… Zazu is tha name of a bird in Lion King I guess… even this blogger self na werey, that’s DJ Magnum’s picture (Vector’s Brother)”

big7record chided: “Lol insulting vector cause you want to feel special & greet the hype on media is just so wrong. Like when vector dey win awards who know portable 😢”

huzanamusic blasted: “See this small tingo sef they insult a futal lord & award winning lyricist cos of clout🤮. And na tingo for that matter”

kesterrozay commented: “Even if you have money education is key. Vector was referencing Zazu the bird in Lion King, he wasn’t even talking about Portable. This one just don go get beef with person for nothing. Vector no small ohhh”

jay_osas wrote: “Portable no know say zazu the bird in the lion king Dey lol 😂 🤣🤣”

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