Profiling of Fulani is set up for genocide – Group

A socio-cultural group, Fulbe Global Development and Rights Initiative (FGDRI), has decried ethnic profiling in the country, saying profiling of the Fulanis particularly in Nigeria was a set up for genocide.

The group, while calling for concerted efforts to change the narrative, also bemoaned constant clashes between the Fulani and Hausa in Northern Nigeria, and distanced itself from banditry as well as other criminalities.

The President-General of FGDRI, Dr. Salim Musa Umar, who stated this in Abuja at weekend during the group’s Annual General Meeting, said the Fulanis were being profiled and linked to criminal activities in Nigeria in order to be maimed without recourse.

According to him, the Fulani race currently face existential threat, calling upon well-meaning Nigerians to rise and avert impending genocide against the race, adding that over 156 Fulani were killed and 7,000 cattle killed in the first quarter of 2024 mostly in Plateau, Kaduna, Zamfara Taraba and Niger States.

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“The Fulanis anywhere in this country and many other countries have become an easy prey and likely to be linked, compared or attached to all form of vices. The narrative that is being sold in Nigeria. Trying to pitch the Hausa man against the Fulani is not something we can fold our hands and watch.

“A Hausa man killing a Fulani man and a Fulani man killing a Hausa man is such a big challenge. All of them are Muslims in Sokoto, Zamfara, Katsina and so many other states in Northern Nigeria and our revered fathers are keeping quiet.

“It’s high time we set up a committee that will take us to the Sultan to take leadership seriously and settle the Fulani and Hausa feud. As a race, we are facing existential threat, If a Fulani is not safe in Sokoto State, I don’t know where he will be safe in this country,” Dr Umar said.

He, however, admitted that there are what he described as “miscreants among the Fulani race committing crimes” likewise other ethnic groups, arguing that it is improper to generalise and profile all Fulanis to be criminals”.

“The criminals among us are not representing us, they are not our ambassadors, we didn’t ask them to go and do banditry or kidnapping on our behalf, they are criminals and must be identified as such.

“They are not representing Fulbe, so no Fulbe should be tagged because some of his brothers are doing kidnapping and banditry. Overtime, our people have been subjected to pressure, most of which are orchestrated by some evil personalities, hence, our responsibility to addressing the challenges have become difficult and seemingly impossible sometimes.

“However, it is possible if we can come together with the strongest of determination to say enough is enough, I believe we can do it,” the Fulani group leaders said.

He disclosed that the National Human Rights Commission is now investigating the Nigerian Air Force over the massacre of herders in Nasarawa.

“The NHRC is now investigating military authorities for extrajudicial killings of innocent pastoralists. They were labeled as criminals and killed extrajudicially,” he added.

Speaking on the Benue anti-open grazing law, he said the group lost its case at the State High Court in Makurdi but has appealed against the judgement.

“We have lost our case against the Benue State government challenging the anti-open grazing law at High Court 1 sitting in Makurdi, however, we have appealed against the judgement. We have expended close to N8m on that case.

“Thanks to our elder statesman who does not want mentioned here who paid differently to the coffers of the lawyer N6m, we have been struggling with the remaining fees.”

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  1. I never knew Fulani can be so humiliated. I thought they said they owned Nigeria, eh? Nothing lasts forever. Once upon a time, Fulani spoke and acted with arrogance and authority because their fundamental kinsman was in power. All that has faded like a dream!

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