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Rank Math SEO Plugin Review 2020: Rank Increaser

Last updated on July 13, 2020

Today I will share with you the very best SEO plugin for WordPress and how you can download it for free. It is Rank Math SEO Plugin which has various features that all other plugins doesn’t have.

Rank Math SEO Plugin Review

Rank Math SEO Plugin review is a must use SEO plugin for every blogger blogging on the WordPress Platform, it has various feature other optimization plugins don’t have.

This plugin has moved my google ranking position just after two (2) weeks of installing and using it, and I know the same thing will definitely happen to you after installing.

Yoast SEO is one of the most popular SEO plugins in the world, but bug issue has made it drop its ranking, and Yoast team have officially apologized for their mistake.

Bloggers started sourcing for Yoast SEO alternative, and the people behind MyThemeshop came up with a very useful plugin called Rank Math.

Main Features of Rank Math SEO Plugin

  1. General Settings
  2. Titles & Meta
  3. Sitemap Settings
  4. 404 Monitor
  5. Redirections
  6. Search Console
  7. SEO Analysis
  8. Rich Snippet
  9. Import & Export
  10. Help & Support

Now let discuss those features one after the other.

General Settings: Is can also be called “Global Settings”, you can easily configure settings for all feature from here, features like Links, Images, Breadcrumbs, Webmaster Tools, Edit robots.txt, Edit .htaccess, 404 Monitor, Redirections, Search Console, and Others.

Titles & Meta: From here you can configure the title of your website/blog homepage, post title, page title, category, tag and some other title settings like social media Knowledge Graph cards. Melody Blog

Sitemap Settings: As a blogger, you already know what sitemap is all about, from this settings page you can configure your blog sitemap just the way you want it to be. You can include and exclude anything from sitemap here.

404 Monitor: Rank Math SEO plugin made it easy for bloggers to monitor any 404 error page without the need of installing another WordPress redirection plugin. You can easily monitor any 404 error here.

Redirection: After monitoring your 404 error page, the next thing is redirecting it to a live page, this plugin has the option for 404 monitoring and redirecting. No need installing tons of plugins.

Search Console: Another useful feature from Rank Math plugin, you can monitor your blog Google search console directly from this SEO plugin, you do not need to visit Google search console at all.

SEO Analysis: Just like Squirrly SEO Audit, Rank Math comes with an SEO Audit to analyze your blog, score and fix any error. Analyze and get an instant result with a helpful idea on how to fix any error found on your blog. This is On-Page SEO.

Rich Snippet: You can get the best rich snippet from this plugin to boost your CTR on the search engine.

Import & Export: Just like me, I started blogging with the Yoast SEO plugin, it was so easy for me to migrate to Rank SEO plugin with this import and export feature. Meaning you can easily migrate from any SEO plugin to Rank Math with a click of a button.

Help & Support: Everyone loves to get help from themes and plugin developer. From this section, you can open a support ticket, read the tutorial on how to get started with the plugin.

AMP: This plugin has support for AMP pages. It support schema.

The features listed above have their own Sub-feature, I only listed out the primary once.

Rank Math SEO Plugin Download

You can download this great plugin directly from MyThemeshop website, you can also download it on the official WordPress directory. The plugin is totally for free, yes free of charge.

Before downloading you might want to check it out, so you can log in to their Demo page here and explore the functions of the plugin.

  • Username: rmdemo
  • Password: rmdemo

Rank Math vs Yoast SEO Plugin?

For me, I will recommend and choose Rank Math, because it has so many optimization features, and it is so easy to configure. Also, it has increased my ranking, so of my post now appearing on google first page.

Rank Math MyThemeshop

“WordPress SEO Plugin – Rank Math” is open source software. The following people have contributed to this plugin. Contributors MyThemeShop.


From my observation, this plugin is actually the best SEO plugin so far, it has lifted my post from google dead pages to live pages. I can see an increase in traffic and conversion.

Are you already using this plugin? if not, then give it a try and let me know what you think.


  1. Lynx Williams Lynx Williams

    From my personal observation, this plug in can be described as the best so far


    Melody you want us to know everything around us,God bless you abundantly. More grease to your elbow


    Thanks for making us know everything that’s going on across the world.

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