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How To Create A Website Like In 2020

Last updated on August 6, 2021


This tutorial covers how to create a website like in 2020.

I know you must have been wondering about how to create such a website. So today I am going to teach you how to create it.

Welcome to, a researchers blog. We research and feed you with useful information.

So I am welcoming you here because I know you will enjoy my blog.

So today I will be showing you how to design a website that will look exactly as

We can use WordPress to design it, but it won’t look exactly as refer. And some functions will not work as supposed to work.

So many website developers have been searching for how to create a website like Let me help you stop the search today with this helpful article.

Remember Melody Team is still your no 1 trusted website designer. We design all kinds of website that suit your needs.

Examples of the website we can design:

  • Blog
  • Company website
  • Church website
  • Tracking website
  • Affiliate website
  • News Income Program website (NNU, NewsPay, Wakanda, etc)
  • Membership website or forum website
  • E-commerce website (Jumia/Konga type)
  • Etc

I cannot mention all because it is uncountable. So now let’s talk about creating an income site like

Note: Refer wasn’t developed with WordPress. It was developed with a pure PHP Script.

How To Create A Website Like

  1. First, buy a domain name from any domain registrar
  2. Then buy host from any hosting company
  3. Map the domain to the host.
  4. Login to your hosting cpanel
  5. Locate “file manager” and click on it
  6. Now double click on “Public HTML” and let the folder opens
  7. Now upload the script you downloaded from my website.
  8. You are now good to go after uploading the script.
  9. Now visit the admin backend and begin to customize it to your satisfaction.

You can then visit your website homepage, you will see it will display exactly like

You can begin to edit the menu and other things from the admin backend. It’s that simple and straightforward.

Where To Download Script?

You can download it from google. You can also get it from some webmasters, they have it for sale.

We also have the script, you can get it from us for a low price. WhatsApp 09010914821.

You can buy from us, we also help with customizing/editing script, menu and ads link.

See sample below

How To Create A Website Like In 2020 1

Thanks. We Melody Team remain your No 1 trusted website developer. Contact us now 09010914821 or email us here. We can as well create any other type of income program website.

So that is how to create a website like in 2019. Do you have any question/suggestions?

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    You guys are the best developers I have seen so far. You’re good at what you do. Thank you so much

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