1. Looks like speed mixed with wheel man mixed with taken. I'd definitely go to the movies to watch thus 🤷🏿‍♂️

  2. They should've really made them Liam's Nissan's grandkids – movie looks decent, though!

  3. Ah so it's a bit different.. normally it's old man comes out of retirement and saves family

  4. He should have called 9-1-1, they just had similar case in 5th season😂

  5. Literally a show about a guy driving his car.

  6. Looks like a remake of 2021 korean movie HARD HIT. That was a good movie

  7. Again we say. Don't mess with Liam's family. When would they learn?

  8. When will bad guys learn? You do NOT attack Liam Neeson.
    Not that we, the audience complain.

  9. Lol at some point they have got to run out of crisis to put Liam in right? right????? i guess not LOL

  10. It's better if this dude starts walking, first it was a plane, then a train, now it's a car

  11. Give me a minute, I'm good. I've got an hour, I'm great. You give me six months, I may be unbeatable.
    But give me 75 years you'll see I'm really unbeatable"
    – L. Neesan 😅

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