Saida Boj lambasts prophet who predicted her doom

Saida Boj lambasts prophet who predicted her doom

Controversial influencer Saida Boj heavily blasts a Ghanaian prophet who forecasted a grim future for her, warning her to be vigilant or risk being used.

Recall that a Ghanaian prophet stirred social media buzz with predictions about the controversial influencer during a radio interview. He claimed that forces from her father’s side aimed to harm her, cautioning her to stay vigilant.

Saida Boj.

Saida Boj swiftly denounced the prophet as a charlatan, alleging his failure in Ghana and his intent to extend his dubious practices to Nigeria.

She warned him to beware of her, asserting her superiority over him and labeling him a “Ghana Masquerade” who uses church funds for cosmetic enhancements.

Saida Boj also cautioned all his church members to be careful as the prophet would definitely lead them all to destruction.

She bragged about being a certified Igala lady as well as God’s favorite and a child of grace whose light glows in the dark that even the blind can see. If the Ghanaian prophet wants fame, he has to kneel before her and beg.


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