1. Godiva Reebok says:

    Sanitation day,at first i thought the movie is not gonna be interesting you know, but in the long run it was quite entertaining.

  2. Victor Obire says:

    Homework done sanitation u know it

  3. Muhammad Abdulganiy says:

    Quite entertaining

  4. Simon Nsude says:

    Good movie

  5. Emmanuel Adu says:

    I love the movie pa

  6. Oyelola Blessing says:

    So lovely

  7. Nkiru Pepertua says:

    Just wondering how entertaining this movie could be

  8. holaniyi busayo says:

    really cool and nice 🙂

  9. Andrew Christopher says:

    I’m okay with this movie

  10. Justice Iheme says:

    Very interesting movie a must watch and very enjoyable to watch

  11. manyor ovat says:

    Interesting movie keep the good work on

  12. Dominic Uche says:

    Very interesting one

  13. Nosa Davidson says:

    Like they say cleaningness is next to Godlyness

  14. Aisha jibril says:

    Indeed!!! Sanitation

  15. Obaro Uwuseba says:

    Amazing movie to watch looking forward to watch it again

  16. Gift Nwankwo says:

    Quite interesting. Melody blog to the world

  17. Lucky Aninye says:

    What imagination. A new experience

  18. Ukamaka Marylinda says:

    I just can’t stop laughing 🤣🤣🤣 which one is face me I slap you yard

  19. Vincent Pitan says:

    This is so nice to watch.thanks

  20. Rachael Bassey says:

    Nice one melody, pls God blessed you guys

  21. Ayodele Daniel says:

    Yeah! It’s really a sanitation day

  22. Moses Boluwatife says:

    It’s an extraordinary movie.It worth watching everyday.

  23. Rapheal Babatunde says:

    I really love this movie from the beginning to the end

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