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Secret Society of Second Born Royals 2020

full movie is a 2020 American contemporary science fantasy action superhero film.

Anna Mastro serves as director, with a screenplay co-written by Alex Livak and Andrew Green, based on an original story by Litvak, Green, and Austin Winsberg.

Secret Society of Second Born Royals 2020

It follows Sam’s adventures at a top-secret training program for a new class of second-born royals tasked with saving the world.

A rebellious princess is stunned to learn that she has superpowers and belongs to a secret society with a longstanding tradition of covertly keeping the peace throughout the kingdom.

Secret Society of Second Born Royals Cast

  • Peyton Elizabeth Lee
  • Niles Fitch
  • Isabella Blake-Thomas
  • Olivia Deeble
  • Noah Lomax
  • Faly Rakotohavana
  • Ashley Liao
  • Sam Page
  • Greg Bryk
  • Elodie Yung

Music Is My Weapon (From “Secret Society of Second-Born Royals”/Official Audio)

Secret Society Full Movie Review

It would look something like this. It’s difficult to be too harsh about this film; it is inoffensive, tries hard and means well.

However, it falls short in every aspect of film making: acting, directing, writing, story, location, etc. This movie lived down to all of my expectations, but I didn’t hate it.

This movie was great! Made me think I was back in the 90’s. I made some predictions about how the big reveal would be for the MC’s and although some were wrong, it was pleasantly corrected.

The pacing of the movie was very well put. Getting to understand how certain characters and their characteristics help their growth was nice and swee.

Nothing crazy or bland. My favorite Character Mateo is awesome. Literally, gave me Shino from Naruto vibes. I really want a sequel already. I really liked this Movie.

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