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Senator Dino Melaye, Joins Nollywood

Adekola Sheu

Last updated on October 17, 2019

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Senator Dino Melaye joined Nollywood just few hours after the Appeal Court affirmed the decision of the Kogi Election Petition Tribunal nullifying his victory.

The outspoken senator will be featured as one of the key actors, in a Television series titled ‘Equity unbound,” an idea of the Pillars of Hope African Initiative (POHAI).

Other prominent actors including Linc Edochie, Victor Decke, Chief Bruno Iwuola and Paul Sambo will also be featured in the TV series.

Addressing a world press conference, the Country Director of POHAI, Chinyere Onyemekara, said the main focus of the project is on ‘equal rights and sociai justices in Africa,’ using Nigeria as a case study.

“Equity unbound TV series is a soap opera that holistically ex-ray the quality of justice system in Nigeria and its attendant effect on both the masses, the elites and the government.

“It is a mind-blowing expository drama presentation of the human rights challenges of an ordinary common Nigerian. A good example of the issues treated in this series is the recent report by BBC, on the pervasive threat of “sax for grades and sex for Marks” in Nigeria’s institutions of learning.

“A 120mins pilot episode of Equity unbound TV series has been shot with so many celebrity Actors and with state of the art equipment cum professionais and highly motivated crew.

“The idea of this is to use drama as an effective tool of communication to correct the ills and promote an acceptable social justice system in Nigeria.

“Gentlemen of the press, you will agree that Africa and Nigeria in particular is far behind in terms of perfect justice system and equitable society.

“We at POHAI has taken it upon ourselves to expose these shortcomings for the purpose of strategic attention and correction:

“We hereby call on members of the fourth estate of the realm, civil society groups, the international community, cooperate organizations, Nigerian government at all levels and well-meaning Nigerians to support in whatever way possible to bring this humanitarian project to fruition,” Onyemekara stated.

Speaking on why he joined the drama, Senator Dino Melaye, expressed happiness to be part of the series that will expose unjust act in the society.

Melaye said: “I’m happy to have participated in the series, especially as it will help correct social problems in the country. I am not a greenhorn in acting because I emerged as the best actor during my NYSC program.

“I am ready to serve this country in any capacity and I feel that participating in the series is another way of contributing my quota in correcting the social ills in Nigeria.

“If I have such opportunity again I won’t hesitate to take it,” Melaye stated.

The drama’s director said that Senator Dino Melaye acted the role of Joshua in the series, which is an assemblage of professional actors and politicians.

“The drama is all about tackling social vices in the society. The drama, he said captures such issues like corruption, injustice, bad governance and so on.”


    That one will be of good quality because the whole senator from kogi state is a good actor before and well know for all Nigeria and the red chamber of Senate known. Happy viewing to us all.

    • Amoo Enoch Amoo Enoch

      That good, the senator is a good actor also all the best in his Tv series happy viewing to you also.


    Wonderful! Equity unbound in this society we are in Nigeria. Politics is the major problems and enemy that cause injustice in Nigeria. Two hours movie,okay,we will wait and see. Happy viewing to us.

  3. Kassim Waheed Kassim Waheed

    This is a mellow dramatic scenario by the kogi state senator dino melaye he is good in acting right from the on set so he will not be new in the sight of Nigeria as we are used to it

  4. Blessing Orovwighose Blessing Orovwighose

    Wow that is a great news for us, the guy is ready to do anything not mending the position he is now .I like that guy and he my real man.

  5. Adesida Adeyemi Adesida Adeyemi

    My honorable senator dino melaye, a man of sagacity and enthusiasm very funny and clever but please just know nolly wood is different from the senate house I hope you will understand that sir

  6. Solomon Michael Solomon Michael

    Great one, can’t wait to see the movie being release, and can’t wait to get my own copy, with those big name in the movie, I think it will make a standing ground.

  7. Diepriye Daniel Diepriye Daniel

    Wow this is so funny I swear, what is he going to look for in the Nollywood industry, he has everything he needs in life what does he want again

  8. Orji Obam Orji Obam

    This is interesting to hear and I personally look forward to seen the film and the action of the great Melaye the actor himself even when he is not acting.

  9. Oluwatobiloba Okusaga Oluwatobiloba Okusaga

    Its not even funny lol… The man has always been a comedian in disguise, he just haven’t gotten the platform to showcase properly but I guess now its time

  10. Franca Emeruom Franca Emeruom

    That’s my Senator carry go Sir, i stand behind you. Since you are going to act the part that will expose unjust act in the society , I trust you are going to bring the cat out of the bag.

  11. Muyiwa Olalekan Muyiwa Olalekan

    All this our politician given us comedy everyday of our lives. I think he knows what he’s doing I mean senator Dino Maleye

  12. Peace Chinedu Peace Chinedu

    This one a senator want to join the movie industry who knows wat he is up to .God save in this country


    Dino Melaye is my mentor, this one that he wants to join movie industry I don’t believe in this news. Cuz the man is a politician to the call

  14. Josephat Uchechukwu Josephat Uchechukwu

    Good one, Nollywood will be revive again as money will be thrown in to purchase the facilities required to shoot like Hollywood films. Other politicians are free to join.

  15. Kiki O Oladele Kiki O Oladele

    This is great!
    Well done sir
    Senator Dino Melaye is a type of senator which I have never seen or existed..
    He his a friendly type and open to every one though he has some hidden agendas also
    Note that…

  16. May Jesukolade Jeremiah May Jesukolade Jeremiah

    I am very certain that he just joined Nollywood to boost his pocket income because he’s not a talented man

  17. Oyewole James Oyewole James

    I love your decision and move for joining the platform and pray for positive transformation and new development, You are senator thats exemplary with the style of entertainment and I pray for greater heights

  18. akinode kehinde akinode kehinde

    Comment:senator Dino Melaye, well-done sir, I pray that God will support you to achieve this Golden goal

  19. dauda jafar dauda jafar

    I think it is a good one but what if those people or government you are trying to take along didn’t even freak them.

  20. Abdulyakini Isah Abdulyakini Isah

    That is interesting to hear and I personally look forward to seen the film and the action of the great Melaye the actor himself even when he is in action

  21. Lynx Williams Lynx Williams

    This is a great improvement in the entertainment sector. Using nollywood as a platform of exposure to justice is a great agenda. I’m hoping to see the senator in action

  22. Musab Shuaib Musab Shuaib

    Wow this is a great news,and with my biliv he can make it in d nollywood ,let just wait for d first film produce by him

  23. Muraina Sodirat Muraina Sodirat

    Waow, this is really interesting, can’t believe he joined Nollywood. I can’t wait to see the movie released. I pray you attain greater heights. Amen

  24. Adewale Ayanbunmi Adewale Ayanbunmi

    It is good to have good things in mind to peoples, has a governor or senator to the people that votes the person, that is why he want to do good job befor his time end.

  25. Jethro Da'ar Jethro Da'ar

    This is just a hoax scenario by the kogi state senator dino melaye he is good in acting right from the on set so he will not be new in the sight of Nigeria as we are used to such.

  26. Moses Holuwatoby Moses Holuwatoby

    Wow i was amazed reading this senator of a state is an actor Happy for kogi state senator dino malaye

  27. Babatunde Olayinka Babatunde Olayinka

    Having a politician in the movie industry is a good one. At least he will experience all that the movie stars are experiencing. Thereby creating a need to invest more in the industry

  28. James Ugwu James Ugwu

    Speechless, there is nothing that I will not see in this country. Should I say that he had just discovered his talent at this age?


    Well it may sound funny but is welcome decision.he doesn’t want to Berry his own tallent.I love the idea. I wish best of luck for honorable Dino melaye

  30. Awokunle Gideon oluwaferanmi Awokunle Gideon oluwaferanmi

    Other prominent actors including Linc Edochie, Victor Decke, Chief Bruno Iwuola and Paul Sambo will also be featured in the series… that’s lovely

  31. Azeezat Nihinlola Azeezat Nihinlola

    Wow this our senator, anyway I like the man. That good, the senator is a good actor also all the best in his movies happy viewing to us also.

  32. Agbolade Abdullah Agbolade Abdullah

    Wow from a politics to nollywood I think you haven’t ended your career in political career…. Because I think that’s your career

  33. Afolabi Sulton Afolabi Sulton

    Dino Melaye is full of drama, man’s very hilarious, if it’s what he want, let him do it. I like the man Sha

  34. Lukman Bidemi Lukman Bidemi

    This is not fair dos people are not fight for this country they are just looking for what their desired so may god have mercy in this country may God give us the government that will just led Nigeria to success

  35. Udoka Stephen Udoka Stephen

    I am not surprised at all, I knew something like this would happen, I would like to see him in more nolly wood movies. Full of character and humor. Maybe he might join holiwood also. Or bolly wood,

  36. Udoka Stephen Udoka Stephen

    People like him will not stop pulling up some surprisyes, always. What is he looking for again ?, from senator to acting, may God help our country Nigeria. And open the eyes of our leaders to see what they are supposed to do for the country, Amen.

  37. Onyinye Ibiam Onyinye Ibiam

    I won’t lie. This is funny. Well, any career role is open for anybody. An actor can become a government official (Schwaznerger) and a government official can become an actor.

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