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Serious Men (2020) India Movie Review

Serious Men download, While Netflix has been busy designing India Radhika Apte as a kind of pet, really should have been paying attention to Nawazuddin Siddiqui, an actor who has consistently delivered top-notch content for the streamer.

His last, Serious Men, Netflix completes a hat-trick of hits for the actor, after games and Raat Akeli Hai sacred. More of this, please.

Based on a novel by Joseph Manu, the film tells the story of Ayyan Mani, a personal assistant to a Brahmin Dalit scientist. After a lifetime of being called names such as ‘moron’ and ‘imbecile’, decides to channel his anger against the world for defrauding her.

Ayyan begins a journey of upward social mobility to convince everyone that your 10-year-old is in fact a genius.

Serious Men: New India Movie Review

It’s interesting how the perception of the common man, the director Sudhir Mishra has changed since Jaane Bhi Do Yaaro in 1983. While the two protagonists of the film were gooders with modest ambitions, the next four decades have become more angry everyman to the opinion that deserves a movie equally enraged.

Ayyan is a complicated guy. On the one hand, his anger is justified – that has been the systematic oppression of a nation would prefer to remain in their socioeconomic position – but on the other, it is difficult that we like.

Serious men are in many ways a movie jail-break. Ayyan has trapped in the metaphorical prison Mumbai, the high-rise tower surrounding his chawl as bars in a cell.

As wickedly funny as the film is, and how nice perversely Ayyan schemes are to see, Serious men would not have worked if there had been a collective rage aimed at the creation.

Serious Men on Netflix: https://www.netflix.com/ng/title/81086997

It is a film that captures what it is to live in India, around 2020. It is a capsule of the time, like so many satirical films that were released in the post-emergency era, captures the mood of the nation.

This is an awesome movie, one of those rare experiences where it seems as if every department – costumes, sound, lighting – is a jazz-like groove. This is ironic, considering what the film is also about how everyone these days seems to exist in eco-cameras.