1. But you Need German Tanks to „win“😂😂😂. Next shit Film….

  2. It is fun and all but I am sick and tired of that representation of "stupid" germans, when later everyone still their designs, from rockets, tanks, guns, helicopters, submarines, and in the movies financed by jew lobby, they (germans) are sooooo stupid, violent, without soul etc. insult to common sense

  3. 😆 yess using humans to protect from bullets doesn't work in real life only for special ones. A 9mm pistol round penetrates the second body too.

  4. This is so fucking ridiculous and wrong it hurts watching it. Again presenting the Germans as some rag tag band of drunk rapist mercenaries. But I guess it is part of modern Finlands desperate effort to clean their history before applying for NATO membership

    1. Schutzstaffel says:

      it’s not shocking the movie is made by a jew director. it’s disgusting how wrong this movie is…

  5. Damm looks good In the vain of Nobody for those who have not seen which was great 👍

  6. Hey the intro audio is so loud for handsfree user can you turn it down a bit

  7. aside from the fem squad looks good.

  8. too much dirty faces. Come on, you can't you put mud to everyone on this movie. Why so much dirty face make up? This is unreal. They tried to do it "realistic" but this is just funny.

  9. This is dumb, I've been to Finland twice. That's not Finland.
    Plus Finland and Germany were allies during the war.

  10. Like, I know that there isn't so many working WW2 Germans tank … But why Soviet T-55 ? WHY ? 😀 even the Russians rebuild some T-44 to look like Panzer IV for movies …

  11. Errrbody gangster ’til the snow starts speaking Finnish…

  12. 1:24………….the music created by bullets hitting the shield is so freakin' good !!

  13. alpha male movie…..seems like folks are going off script and doing movies people want to watch.

  14. Looks great, and in the spirit of John Wick and Nobody it should definitely deliver on being entertaining. But dudes are going to be upset, there was a shot of women with guns and we all know women never fought in WW2. Yes, a 16 year old Polish girl has more confirmed SS kills than any American soldier; but it's about the narratives this movie is implying if you're a lonely dude!

  15. You could've made a movie of Simo Häyhä, or Lauri Törni. ACTUAL badass people.
    Oh wait you wouldn't, because they were fighting on the wrong side.

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