Sophia Momodu in throwback video laments fear of raising daughter alone

Sophia Momodu in throwback video laments fear of raising daughter alone

Amidst the messy custody battle between Davido and Sophia Momodu, a throwback video resurfaces where the mother of one lamented living her worst fear of raising her child alone.

This came following the 100-paragraph counter-affidavit filed by the mother of one against the joint custody bid from the superstar singer.

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As their custody battle gets messier, a throwback video resurfaced where Sophia Momodu poured out her heart about single parenthood.

She revealed that her worst fear was becoming a single mother and unfortunately, she is living the fear.

“My worst fear has happened to me, so I don’t think anything scares me in life anymore. I never wanted to raise a child alone but I am doing it now. So what the fcck is going to me again other than my worst fear? I’m living it; e no get wetin anybody fit do me,” she stated.

Reactions trailing Sophia Momodu’s fear of raising daughter alone

AkposJim said: “Because of her sudden hate! For davido she dey drag her pikin join. Then later she go still blame davido for being a deadbeat! Father for Watin she alone decide.”

phychem11 opined: “Make she gettat please. She was 26 years old when she got pregnant for a 19 years old boy because he’s rich. What was she expecting from him? A husband or what? F off please.”

Flowfy02 stated: “Honestly Sophia u saw men ur age and u didn’t think to be with them but with someone u were 7yrs older than. What were u think then , that he wud be ready for marriage?”

brahim_akkey wrote: “You don’t want raise one alone but you’re denying who wants raise one with you , are you not very funny 🥲.”

Kolskicoolzee noted: “But the father asked for shared custody and you rejected him. Are you sure you love your daughter? Or you just want to keep collecting the upkeep money he’s been giving you.”

Watch the video below …

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