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Spin Offs Of Popular TV Series

Top 5 Spin-offs of Popular TV Series

Sometimes to create a good series, you need to be inspired by another equally good series. But the real skill is to make an original and independent show, which, on the one hand, will please the loyal fans of the original, and on the other, will give a completely new experience and expand the existing fan base.

Station 19

It’s a lot similar to the original hospital drama: there is love, and friendship, and everyday professional heroism with fanatical devotion, and touching moments, and jokes. Instead of white coats – fireproof suits, instead of scalpels and defibrillators – hoses and fire extinguishers, and instead of hours of operations – saving people from burning buildings. All this makes the series as thrilling as gambling at 22Bet – online casino games.

Station 19 also resembles its medical progenitor with its traditional lyrical digressions, which make you reflect on the deep meaning of each episode. Of course, attentive viewers won’t miss numerous other references to Grey’s Anatomy, and a couple of times the stars of the original series, including Meredith Grey herself, will even stop by.

Young Sheldon

Future theoretical physicist and Nobel Prize winner Sheldon Cooper lives in Texas in the late 1980s in the family of a devout Christian woman and a football coach. The idea for the series was suggested by Sheldon’s performer in The Big Bang Theory, Jim Parsons, who in his popular character voiced a voiceover for Young Sheldon. The writers deliberately don’t try to replicate the style of their progenitor, instead offering a warm, nostalgic show about a child wunderkind who isn’t always understood by those around him.

Mork & Mindy

An old sitcom about an alien named Mork, who is exiled to Earth by his native race of orcs (as it turns out later, for his sense of humor – Mork made up an offensive nickname for his leader). Next, he finds shelter with a girl named Mindy.

This is perhaps the most unusual spin-off in history. Mork, played by Williams, first appeared in an episode of the popular sitcom Happy Days: in its plot, an alien was going to abduct teenager Richie, but it ended up being a dream. Showrunner Harry Marshall couldn’t get enough of that: the popularity of the episode was so great that it was decided to give Williams and his Mork a series of their own. Mork & Mindy became an instant hit, but lost popularity relatively quickly due to unfortunate changes in the formula. However, this did not prevent Robin Williams from becoming a superstar.

Penny Dreadful: City of Angels

A spin-off of the fantasy horror-thriller Penny Dreadful. Instead of Victorian England, it’s 1930s Hollywood, and instead of the mysterious Vanessa Ives, played by Eva Green, it’s the shape-shifting demoness Magda, played by Natalie Dormer, familiar to many from Game of Thrones.

We shouldn’t wait for a direct plot continuation, a spin-off mainly inherits the spirit and the general eerie atmosphere of the original. However, we can’t complain: a dashingly twisted plot based on the confrontation between humanity and being surrounded by loyal servants of the Mexican goddess of death will quickly pull you into the thick of the scary, beguiling events.

The Good Fight

Sometimes it seems that everyone has forgotten how “The Good Fight” came to be. And this multifaceted series grew out of the excellent legal drama The Good Wife, but it turned out to be so original, harmonious, and original.

In the story, reputationally and financially ruined lawyers Maya Rindell and Diane Lockhart are forced to roll up their sleeves and restart their careers. Instead of reaping the benefits of previous battles won, they are trying to patch up the holes in the personal budgets, and at the same time not to get caught angry investors, pogoogoogoogo on the adventure of a common relative of Maya and Diana.

Everything happens against the backdrop of high-profile acute social and political cases, exciting and in some places violent courtroom debates, as well as personal and family dramas that only gain momentum with each season. Terrific acting, in-depth analysis of contemporary American reality, and a complete immersion in the backstage of a law firm complete the package.