How To Make Money On 2019 is one of the best income website we have in Nigeria. They stand by their word and they are ready to help you financially. This is a website that will pay you for so many activities performed.

They have some feature/benefits that other income website don’t have. Like free loan and monthly reward.

They can help you with free loan as a student, worker or a business person. Today i am going to talk about them and how you can benefit from becoming their member.


Is an online sports publishing website. They publish sports news daily for their members to read. They pay their registered members for reading the latest sports news. And referring friends to join the platform.

Easyshopen Online Marketplace is the team sponsoring their website. So member members have nothing to lose.

They pay you thousands of Naira every Friday. Registration is free and you get free loan as a student/worker

How To Make Money On

  • You earn N200 as a welcome bonus immediately you register
  • You will earn N50 for daily login to their website
  • Also, you earn N20 for each sports news you read on their website
  • Then earn N1000 for any new member you referred.
  • The register is free, with a onetime account upgrade fee of N2000
  • Smallest withdrawal is N3000. And withdrawal is open every Friday on the week.

How To Register on MySportyPay Website

Follow the steps below to register.

  • Visit the website by clicking on this link
  • Enter your Username, first name, and last name
  • Type in your email, password and phone number
  • Then click on ‘Register’

Sportypay registration page

Now you have registered. Read their sports post and start referring to friends and family. Don’t forget we can create that type of website for you. Contact us now

MySportyPay Payment Rules

  1. If you earn through reading of news and daily logins only, you will get paid without issue.
  2. If you earn through referrals, you will get paid from your referrals, if each of your referrals are active on sportypay platform such as, when they login daily, read news, refer people, and especially when they upgrade their account you get paid from that active referral.
  3. If all of your referrals are not active as mentioned above, you will be paid only from your earnings for daily logins and reading news only. But if some of your referrals are active as mentioned above you, you will get paid from the few active referrals plus your daily logins and news read.

Mysportypay Free Loan is here to assist everyone with financial free loan. The free loan is to assist you on your educational bills as a student in the university or college.

Also, the free loan is here to assist you as a worker, with it you can grow your business if you are a business owner.

The loan is free, you don’t need to pay them back.

Mysportypay Free Loan Terms And Conditions

  • You must be a registered member
  • You must be an upgraded member
  • You must be an active member of the website for over 2 (two) months.
  • You must get paid over 6 (six) times from your earnings.

As a member, you must meet their terms and conditions listed above before you can get the instant free loan.

Loans Plans

  • ₦3,000 – ₦50,000 free loan for students
  • ₦5,000 – ₦70,000 free loan for workers
  • ₦10,000 – ₦100,000 free loan for business owners

How To Apply For Mysportypay Loan

To apply for the free loan, send the following details to their loan department email address.

  • Full name
  • State of origin
  • Gender
  • Date of birth
  • Phone number
  • Current address.

If you are you a student, worker, or a business owner, you will need to tell them about yourself. And list the reason you need the free loan.

send those details to and wait for their reply.

Mysportypay Coupon/Epin

You can make upto N50,000 – N100,000 monthly when you become a coupon/epin distributor on their website.

Their coupon/pin is sold at different prices depending on the quantity a distributor wants to purchase.

  • Over 3 (three) coupon epin is sold for ₦1,500 per epin code
  • Over 5 (five) coupon epin is sold for ₦1,400 per epin code
  • Over 10 (ten) coupon epin is sold for ₦1,200 per epin code FAQ

  1. Can I withdraw my earning anytime I want?
    1. Ans. No, withdrawal is every Friday.
  2. What is the smallest amount I can withdraw?
    1. The smallest amount you can withdraw is N3000
  3. Can I earn without referring?
    1. Yes, you earn by daily logins and reading sports news
  4. What’s the largest number of people I can refer?
    1. You can refer an unlimited number of people
  5. Can I withdraw my earnings with upgrading my account?
    1. No, you cannot withdraw. You must upgrade your account to a paid membership account.
  6. Can I publish an article on the website?
    1. No, you cannot. Articles are published by the website admins and editors.

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18 thoughts on “How To Make Money On 2019”

  1. Its a very nice site but the new of refer upgrading their account before the bonus can be paid is gonna make them loose all their members


  3. have turn to scam because I registered and upgraded my account with cuopon which is #2,000 but they closed my account and asking me again to upgrade my account without violate any of their rules. So,therefore they are scammer.

    • They’re paying sir. If you have issue it’s your right to contact their support and tell them to resolve your issue.. Don’t just call them scammer without you seeking for help. Or did you and they didn’t respond back?

  4. I know just how much time I wasted my time and got a whooping 18 referrals. But they cut them all off saying they are inactive. The painful part is that 2 among them that are my close friends has been paid around last month . And am yet to get a dime even from my activity earnings , upon I have been filling withdrawal form. This is unfair!! 😔
    Their Email ain’t going. Layed complaints both on Twitter and whatsapp. Not even a single reply from them since September
    The annoying part is that they are asking me to upgrade my account again. Gosh. It sucks!
    😔 😔

  5. Mysportypay have another thing else because I registered I used coupon to registered, and they didn’t allow me to withdrawal form before they asked me to upgrade my account again. I sent email they didn’t respond..I sent them text on tweeter they refused to answer. So,mysportypay have change to scam.


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