Spotify’s HiFi feature might actually become a $5 add-on for the Premium Plan

Spotify’s cheaper music-only tier appeared and disappeared in the UK – here’s what it offered

There’s been a lot of debate about exactly how Spotify will deliver its long-awaited lossless audio support. It was initially thought back in April the format would’ve been a part of the Music Pro feature. Then in May, a leak suggested hi-res audio will be offered through an entirely new subscription plan. Now, we’re learning that Spotify HiFi may no longer be a standalone tier as previously theorized. Instead, it’ll be an add-on to the standard plan. This information comes from an anonymous source who recently spilled the beans to Bloomberg.

In a recent report, Bloomberg claims the platform is going to charge users an extra $5 a month to gain access to lossless audio. This tidbit comes about a week after Spotify announced it’s increasing the cost for the Premium Plan in the United States to $11.99 a month. If the source is correct, you’ll pay $16.99 monthly to enjoy the hi-res format on a single subscription. That may come as a surprise to some because “code discovered in September 2023” said the company was planning to launch its new HiFi tier and charge $20 for it.

Bloomberg’s source didn’t explain why Spotify is considering the add-on approach. 9To5Google theorizes it could be a way for the platform to introduce the HiFi tier but without having to charge $20 for it. Although as we’ve seen recently, they’re not shy about increasing prices; especially for the second time in less than a year.

Notable features

Bloomberg’s source goes on to say there will also be “new tools for creating playlists”. Based on the report’s description, it seems these features run on AI. One of them is said to give users the ability “to instantly generate custom playlists for certain activities, dates, and times of the year.” The other would see the app learn your listening habits to create song collections “without [direct] prompting.” The report does allude to improved song library management, however, Bloomberg doesn’t really explain what these changes are.

There’s still no word on when Spotify HiFi will roll out in the US, but with 2024 already seeing multiple leaks regarding the service, an official launch could be just around the corner. International availability is unknown as well. The Premium Plan with lossless audio add-on could cost £15.99 and AU$17.99 AUD in their respective regions. Of course, that’s assuming prices are staying the same, but it’s possible Spotify plans on hiking up prices outside the US too.

As always, take information from leaks with a grain of salt. And be sure to check out TechRadar’s list of the best Bluetooth speakers for 2024 if you’re looking for a great way to enjoy music.

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