1. This reminds me of my childhood during the time where I often watch talking animal movies, and when that era caught up to me they all know that I'm a grown up now 😅

  2. Isla Fisher was twice a reptile and now she is a dog. What's next? Girafe?

  3. I didn't know what I was getting into when I clicked the Trailer ! but AFTER THE FIRST FEW SECONDS . . . ,


  4. If Ryan Reynolds doesn't appear as a Pug in this movie, then I'll wait until this movie is realeased to rent it. But yeah, the movie looks fun to watch.

  5. This is all they need to show, I've seen enough, I'm watching it. This looks like it's got some gems I don't want spoiled. Looks great.

  6. this looks like going to best and funniest comedy of the year strays adult talking dog that swears also cociane bear is going to be funniest movie of the year also comedy movies about animals going to be funny also something different weve had dogs films but they more animation films and cop films also and horror films and revenge films about dogs starting with horror film kujo k9 trilogy with jim belushi tom hanks turner and hooch top dog chuck norris the mask jim carrey beetoveen family fun dog film cats and dogs john wick revenge mafia hitman dog franchise dont breathe franchise and other dog films this looks very funny strays looks like going to be funniest dog comedy movie of the year and great a list voice cast also will ferrell voicing regie the dog jamie foxx voicing bud the dog and other actors voicing other dogs also nicolas cage playing dracula is also going to be funny this year renfield

  7. I wonder how many children clicked on this thinking, ooh dog

  8. This movie took a turn real fast, and I'm instantly excited about this movie.

  9. Was expecting a stereotypical talking dog movie, but was genuinely suprised. Idk how we haven’t gotten an adult parody of this type of movie till now

  10. at first i thought this was going to look really stupid.
    but then they had the animals swear and do drugs so it's totally funny now.

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