Survive The Night: Netflix (2020) Movie

Patrick OthukeJuly 21, 2020

Download Survive The Night, a Netflix 2020 United State of American Thriller film directed by Matt Eskandari, and written by Doug Wolfe. This film features the following stars: Bruce Willis, Chad Michael Murray and Shea Buckner.

A disgraced doctor and his family are held hostage at their home by criminals on the run, when a robbery-gone-awry requires them to seek immediate medical attention.

Survive The Night Netflix

After his brother Mathias is mortally wounded in a robbery gone bad, Jamie stalks trauma doctor Rich from the hospital to his home. While holding Rich’s wife and daughter hostage, the unhinged murderer forces Rich to operate on Mathias.

But in order for him and his family to survive the night, Rich must team up with his estranged tough-as-nails father, retired sheriff Frank, in order to gain the upper hand and turn the tables on the criminals.

Survive The Night Cast

  • Bruce Willis
  • Chad Michael Murray
  • Shea Buckner

Survive The Night Review

This cleverly conceived thriller is about a doctor and his family trapped inside a farm by two criminals. The film is well-paced and the camera work is slick. Bruce has a surprising larger role then I expected as the grandfatherly patriarch and he’s effective enough to keep be engrossed.

The rest of cast are admirable. With the stand out being, Shae Buckner who plays a unhinged but sympathetic criminal and does well to add layers to the role.

The single location setting is brought to the fore here by expert claustrophobic direction. The violence is intense, sometimes graphic but never over the top, and completely tense.

It’s not a big blow ’em up adventure story, it’s just as dark, gritty, and realistic, in which things never go according to plan and innocent people always get hurt.

Unfortunately, after an engrossing game of cat and mouse, the conclusion is somewhat weak. Staple clichés crop up and the film goes for a crowd-pleasing finale that doesn’t quite feel right. Still watchable though and a recommended stream.

Download Survive The Night 2020 Movie

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