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Tacha Apologises To Fans “My Weakness Played Against My Strength”

Tacha intended to stay in the house till the end of the show but her weakness prevented her from winning the prize.

Self-styled Port-Harcourt first daughter was disqualified in the evening of Friday, September 27, 2019, following her altercation with a fellow housemate, Mercy in the morning.

Following her disqualification from the show, Tacha took to her Instagram account on Saturday to apologies to her fans, saying she took “full responsibility” for her actions.

Tacha also expressed gratitude to her fans for supporting her despite her ‘imperfection.’

She wrote,Coming out of the Big Brother House disqualified was never my intention. Unfortunately, my weakness played against my strength and cut short what should have been a grand ending, with or without the prize.

“I sincerely apologize for every action on my part that led to this point and I take full responsibility for it all.

I’m an adult and ought to be in control of my emotions, but I’m human and I failed time and again. Please forgive me. I sincerely wanted to make it, at least to the 99th day.

“I know I need to work on my emotional health. That’s a fact as I have become conscious of it now. Being on this show has shown me that, I am not just a work in progress but I have the chance to become a better me on all fronts if I give myself the chance to heal.

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16 thoughts on “Tacha Apologises To Fans “My Weakness Played Against My Strength””

  1. Tacha pepper dem gang
    We know you have missed it in this year’s contest, you really need to work on your emotions
    At least this has taught you a lesson okay
    We love ? you!

    • She really needs to work on it… Too bad a girl of that age can’t control her emotions, now she’s saying her weakness played against her strength… Sorry o

  2. your apology is accepted my dear even though you let me down and dissapointed me.. The problem with you is your pride.. Too much

  3. Comment:
    There is a saying that goes this way “Pride goes before a fall”
    In a competition like this you need to be humble and patient to achieve your goal.
    What led to your eviction should have been avoided if you had applied WISDOM! I wish you best of luck in your new life.

  4. That you loosed this time does not mean you will loose all the time, you just have to work on the areas that lead to your eviction.
    I wish you well Tacha

  5. We accept that, but sometimes people found it hard to control their behavior, but we must try hard to fight and win over it, Good luck Tacha

  6. Though I am not a fan but I am happy that you were able to understand your flaws and apologize for them. Good luck ?

  7. She really need to work more on her Behaviour, people with good behavior still finds it hard to have peace talk less of people with bad one like her.


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