Pulse Opinion: Is Tacha the next controversial celebrity in your face?

Opinion: Is Tacha The Next Controversial Celebrity In Your Face?

Whether we like it or not, Tacha is going to be in our faces for a long time to come and you all have to get used to it or maybe look away.

Reality TV shows are known for birthing two sets of people; the ones who go into extinction almost immediately after the show ends and those who will forever remain in the spotlight (Ebuka, Timi Dakolo, Gideon Okeke, Omawumi and Chidinma, to mention a few).

Given by this calculation and recent events, Tacha who just got disqualified from the Big Brother Naija house joins the latter.

I know a lot of people will come for me because of the title of this piece but before you take out your pistol, maybe you should understand why this is nothing but the gospel truth.

The entertainment world isn’t an entirely formal sector as it mixed with all kinds of people.

Pulse Opinion: Is Tacha the next controversial celebrity in your face?

There are no particular pathways to becoming a celebrity as it can be described as the most complex and shocking sector. What works for Mr A might be a different ball game for Mr B.

Celebrities are known to be in the business of being in the news for all reasons both good and bad.

The moment Tacha was introduced into the Big Brother Naija house as one of the housemates and she made that famous statement “Look at them, look at me” a controversial celebrity was born.

Pulse Opinion: Is Tacha the next controversial celebrity in your face?

She brought so much controversy to the reality TV show from day 1 which spanned from fighting with virtually everyone in the house.

The strikes didn’t even help caution the ‘social media influencer’ as she went on a rampage at every given chance.

For some, it was a strategy, for others, it was a stinking and disgusting attitude that couldn’t be hidden.

Tacha was so confident about her getting to the last day in the house and eventually clinching the grand prize to the extent created a new alias “No Leave No Transfer.”

Pulse Opinion: Is Tacha the next controversial celebrity in your face?

After almost three months of surviving back to back evictions and strikes from Big Brother, Tacha’s weakness sent her packing from the house unceremoniously after getting disqualified from the reality TV show.

We all know how the fight with Mercy got Tacha disqualified from the house.

Now let’s understand how the dynamics of the entertainment world works, becoming a celebrity can happen overnight.

Its requires both hard work and sometimes nothing really…yea like nothing, just do something crazy (Thanks to social media) you are on your way to becoming one of the most talked-about persons in the country.

Pulse Opinion: Is Tacha the next controversial celebrity in your face?

Tacha basically became famous for her abrupt time in the BBNaija house which was marred with events that a lot of people would gladly erase from their memories.

If you say Tacha is a celebrity then you are totally right. This young lady who was virtually unknown to a lot of people across the continent became a talking point at local bars, saloons and even corporate environment for months.

Let’s not forget how she trended on social media anytime something crazy had happened in the house.

Everyone talked about her, “Tacha this…Tacha that…” to the point that she even made it to the front page of a national daily.

Pulse Opinion: Is Tacha the next controversial celebrity in your face?

A distasteful and unimpressive attitude should never be encouraged but let’s be sincere with ourselves, some people have actually risen on that pedestal. While a lot of people were calling her out in the house, her ratings kept on increasing outside the house.

Since getting disqualified, several people have announced on social media about how they plan to reward Tacha financially and the numbers aren’t slowing down.

The social discuss of Tacha’s attitude while in the BBNaija house will linger on but one thing is that she is going to be here for a long time. Her social media followers have skyrocketed closing to almost a million followers on Instagram alone.

Not to forget that her Instagram page has been verified, all thanks to her team and pain sticking die-hard fans.

Opinion: Is Tacha The Next Controversial Celebrity In Your Face? 1

Like she wrote in her press statement immediately after getting disqualified from the BBNaija reality TV show, she would be working on herself in the coming future and we pray she keeps to her words and not make it sound like another “Lemme make them happy” press release.

It is now left for her to redeem herself or become the next biggest controversial celebrity…we will be here to spoil you all with the gist bit by bit.

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15 thoughts on “Opinion: Is Tacha The Next Controversial Celebrity In Your Face?”

  1. That’s the very sad thing about this country… Someone that needs help, instead of people to gather and pray for her, na to dey praise her again…. What for?

  2. Celebrity for them not for me, all I know is that it might be a strategy she brought for her self to claim the prize. But as for me she over use the confidence she have and forgetting the fact that there are rules guiding the game.

    • What I am saying is that either tacha is a celebrity or not, she needs prayer, counselling and needs to visit a therapist. Nigerians need to forgive her, she has apologised and said she will work on herself. She cannot do this alone, we cannot throw away the baby with the bath water, to air is human. Let us support her spiritually, financially and otherwise, let her be a better person than when she went into bbh house. This is a great lesson to any youth going to this kind of show, respect yourself, try to control your anger, commit everything to God, for guidance and direction.

  3. Comment:
    The way I see Tachaa she grew up from a broken home full of fighting and quarrelling. if she doesn’t change it will cost her big.

  4. Truth be told whether we like it or not throughout this year tacha will continue to be spoken about…not a fan though and am not a hater

  5. Truth be told whether we like it our not this babe will be in our face for sometimes….not a fan not nor a hater!!! Just my observation

  6. I am not a supporter of rudeness or naaty behavior, I’ll prefer to be popular for what is good rather than a bad behavior. She should work on herself as she said.

    • Spoken about doesn’t really mean speaking positively.. At least, Cee-c had almost the same issue but look at her today…. She’s doing fine

  7. Very ridiculous situation. This is what Nigerians know how to do best. celebrate mediocrity and bad attitude. I believe she’s would change and not get worse. Make Nigerians no push am enter fire.

  8. Tacha ke
    Many people will soon forget about her jaare just leave her alone because it is her time to trend now on social media.


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