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  1. Мляяя. Опять гребанный серый фильтр, злые совки, кгбшники и срач. Ну еп вашу мать. Воюют с противником который уже как 30 лет назад сдался, но нет. Надо все запомнить и вставить злой КАГЭБЕ. На тру Тори они видите ли основываются. Сверните свой тру тори и засуньте себе в жопу.

  2. Finally, somewhere Russians are not evil in the movie
    But Russian society is still evil and I don’t think this movie is based on a true story

  3. Нужно срочно Юрия Профессионала на озвучку!

  4. Music .Theme Copy from Bollywood Movie Maine Pyar Kiya-Mere Rang ME Rang ne wali

  5. I ddnt like tetras growing up but I'm for a movie for these and how they got created especially the Gameboy and whole nintendo

  6. Long before I saw this trailer, I went to Midjourney and had it generate a possible blockbuster Tetris movie starring Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson, Nicolas Cage, Karen Gillan and Samuel L. Jackson.

  7. Sound is working perfectly fine here. Interesting movie. Too bad it's on Crapple+. Oh well…..

  8. I hate how literally nobody in this comment section is talking about how they're making a movie about freaking tetris

  9. The fact that the Nintendo president of the time appears on the movie is insane to me. Can't wait to see the movie tbh.

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