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The Coming 2020 Movie

Last updated on September 26, 2020

The Coming, is a 2020 1h 32min Action, Sci-Fi, Thriller United Kingdom film directed by Joy Jones. This film features the following stars: Cristina Alexandru, Jamelia Amor, Charles Askenaizer.

A group of young friends must use The Book as a guide to navigate though the chaos and destruction that is being unveiled right before their eyes for survival.

The Coming 2020 Movie

Two young best friends who are forced to stick together as things around them change for the worst. As things begin to fall apart, they realize the events in the book of Revelation are being unveiled right before their very eyes.

They soon discover that the book is actually their reality and a guide for what will soon take place.

The Coming 2020 Movie Cast

  • Cristina Alexandru
  • Jamelia Amor
  • Charles Askenaizer
  • Luke Balek
  • Trevor Burke
  • Justine M. Constantino
  • Randall Cropp
  • Dillon Danekas
  • Kim Degraaf

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