1. Guy Ritchie is like the pizza parlour that offers 40 different pizzas, next to 25 different pasta dishes and a one pager for Indian food. It’s all exquisite.

  2. Wtf , I played this coz i thought it's part of Alien Covenant ☹️☹️😔😔

  3. Fingers crossed it's good. This trailer moved me. Pretty powerful. Not the action. No. The human connection.

  4. If only this was a real story, instead of all those we betrayed by leaving them there

  5. I remember telling a scared interpreter he was going to be ok when he was leaving the base to do a mission… he lost his legs and I never got to say I'm sorry.. but my and his conversation before him leaving will be with me forever.

  6. CGI looks cheap (bulletholes in the car windshield at 1:48 and explosions at the end of the trailer )🤨

  7. I have more respect for Afghani people than I do for most Americans

  8. This movie won't play on other countries that has the taliban in it governing it lol

  9. Well this is totally different from Guy's other style. But mind you he always has an ace up his sleeves. You only wait for it blow to you away. Definitely am going for it.
    I've already forgiven him for making Swept Away though.

  10. This movie probably is a tribute to all the interpreters and their sacrifices for the US Armed forces in Afg and who were left behind to the mercy of Taliban. Many got out. Many probably didn't. God save their souls.

  11. Is really like they killed millions of innocent people of colour around the world without thinking twice. Pure evil

  12. Orgulloso de saber que una parte de la peli fue en la calle de la casa de mi tío

  13. Guys…James bond movies came from MGM…this movie came from MGM…now we all know…this movie is 🔥🔥

  14. That's looks so amazing. Jake Gyllenhaal,Alexander Ludwig, Dar Salim , Anthony "Homelander" Starr and Guy Ritchie goes more and more to action movies…. 😉

  15. In movies americans always show themselves great These american dick heads always thinks they won the Taliban war in Afghanistan but these motherfucker are really responsible for the miserable life of Afghanistani peoples.

  16. This doesn't look like a typical guy Ritchie movie.

  17. Hollywood is amazing! What USA did to Afghanistan for itself versus what they could have done for the people of Afghanistan – these movies seems like redemption attempt. Never enough, never truthful – yet something at least. Come April, and I may watch.

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