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The Kids Of Grove Full Movie

Wrapping up a long week of work employees are in a fight for survival against a local gang who are out for blood – but who is justified?

A thrilling look into the consequences experienced by trying to do the “right thing” by society.

The Kids Of Grove Full Movie

The Wright Firm have been green lit for their biggest endeavor to date; ‘The Grove Street Project‘. By transforming a precinct that has been struck by crime and poverty for years into a safe and clean environment the firm expect to be met with support and understanding.

This is not the case. Their execution and the short-term turnaround has left the already destitute community homeless. The media and public scrutinize the project for what it has done.

For Nick Wright and his staff, public outcry is expected, however they continue to work overtime on the Easter weekend to get things implemented The Kids Of Grove Full Movie.

Little do they know within the Grove Street community a retaliation of horrific proportions is being planned and it is embodied in the form of a group who call themselves the TKG. They are coming.

The Kids Of Grove 2020 Cast

  • Alexandra Adornetto
  • Ernest Arfan
  • Mark Casamento
  • Anthony Ciccotosto
  • Timothy Courtman
  • Madeline Davies
  • Anthony Fogas
  • Amy Gubana
  • Nicolas Kuckertz

TKG: The Kids of Grove, extremely well written script and story all leading to a deeply emotional climax! One of the best thrillers of September 2020

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