1. I still remember when Marvel movies weren't total garbage.

  2. It looks awesome I heard that it was supposed to be musical but I'm glad it's not

  3. Lol, look at a 2 min trailer triggering the incels and the racists 😂

  4. Not interested marvel should take a more serious tone like Kang but more dark for the adults.

  5. Charlies Angels, or Nick Fury's Angels throughout the galaxy with powers, this looks fun, can't wait to see Kamala Khan Ms. Marvel on the big screen, really enjoyed the series

  6. Everyone was saying this Marvel remake well be the worst I know it would be good looking forward I love ms Marvel

  7. This looks like a cute, fun movie. Probably not going to be very serious.

    Hopefully, they will develop Carol more and finally give her a more defined personality now that she has her memory back.

  8. Lol, Marvel continues to hit new lows and the shill bots are out in force in the comments. 😂😂😂

  9. can captain marvel from mcu able to kill ghidorah from monsterverse? sorry for bad English 🙏

  10. Glad they finally put one out, that small children can enjoy.

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