1. Sister Irene, she's seen her before and she'll see her again!

  2. Well at least the trailer in this channel is not full of bots saying "i love the part" in the comments

  3. Nun of those films that i will actuslly go see

  4. This looks cute, I'll watch it

  5. Is it my phone's fault or this trailer's quality is actually low?

  6. Finally…Get to see what happened to frenchie and Irene

  7. متحمسه احس فلم يجنن

  8. I am still waiting to release. I am so excited🎉🎉🎉😊

  9. The nun was actually scary movie,

  10. eh nahhh nun was enough not this they just streching da whole damn story

  11. So yall really scared of makeup now? Back in my days we had creepy cgi effects and still had the "distrubing images" detail for moving ratings

  12. Who would you rather encounter alone at night? Valak, or the Bride in black from the Insidious universe?….

  13. The Nun really is the manifestation of my worst fears. It’s the eyes. Ever since I saw those eyes, and heard that music in The Conjuring 2, I developed a minor phobia of her. The painting scene is the one that really terrifies me. Each time the light flicks off it looks more real, the eyes glowing. Then it looks totally normal when the light is on. That scene is brilliant!!!! I both love and hate The Nun. 😂

  14. Any tamil people watching pls like

  15. Valak the defiler, the profane, the marquis of snakes.. more dangerous than any witch on earth.

  16. Bro Valak looks even more terrifying in this film. Can’t wait to see it

  17. do behind the scene for UZUTA (2023) is similar to ripoff Evil DEAD RISE

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