1. Ibrahim wahab says:


  2. Obaro Uwuseba says:

    Cool movie and nice script.

  3. Victor Obire says:

    It’s not the worst movie I’ve ever seen

  4. Ohi Abraham says:

    The planters by the way of the time ever had it

  5. Iheanyichukwu Ibuchim says:

    Very Interesting Storylines

  6. Nosa Davidson says:

    This is comedy at its best

  7. Stanley Okoye says:

    Vey very interesting storyline

  8. Kingsley Ipl says:

    It’s a nice storyline I love it

  9. Sani Mohammad says:

    The planters this is good movie for entertainment

  10. Andrew Christopher says:

    I love the way the message goes

    1. Lucky Aninye says:

      Very moving and close to my heart

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