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The Watcher: Real Story Behind

The Watcher: Real Story Behind

When it comes to a creepy stalker story, the popular Netflix thriller TV series has been making various headlines as viewers dive deep into its unnerving episodes. Bobby Cannavale and Naomi Watts star in the show as the Bannocks; the couple is based on the real-life story of the Bannocks. They buy a marvelous beautiful home in Westfield, New Jersey. After buying the home, they started receiving creepy letters signed off by an anonymous person who is known as the watcher. The series is based on an article on Broaddus’ scenario published in the cut, a popular New York magazine. But unlike other popular crime Netflix series, this ends without the location of any guilty party or persons.

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The Watcher Real Story Behind

The Watcher Storyline

Derek and Maria Broaddus purchased their new house in Westfield 657 Boulevard in 2013 for 1.3 million dollars. Immediately after they moved into the house, they started receiving very weird and threatening letters. The writer of the letters seemed to know the names of their three kids; the watcher referred to them as “young blood” in his letters to the family. They reached out to the old house owners and discovered they had received one letter before moving out. The couple that lived there before the family had dismissed the letter and thrown it out. But more letters had arrived, including one that enquired if they had renovated the house and if they had found what was in the walls yet. It made it clear that the writer of the letters was close enough to the house to hear Maria since the writer used the children’s nicknames to refer to them in the letters. Immediately the new couple treats everyone in their neighborhood as potential suspects. With the assistance of a private investigator and even the police, the aim was to get to the bottom of the matter and figure out who this mysterious watcher is.

Did They Find Out Who The Watcher Is?

As of today, the identity of the mysterious watcher remains a mystery. But in the show’s last episode, they show a lot of fictionalization. The show comes up with a private detective named Theodora Birch, played by Noma Dumezweni. The show has her coming forth and confessing on her deathbed to being the mysterious watcher. But later, at her funeral, they discover that the investigator made all of this up to give the family closure. None of the things the investigator had said are true, so the identity of the watcher or why they did what they did remains a mystery. It is one of the best shows Netflix has ever produced, and the fact that it is based on something that happened makes it even more captivating. It is a definite must-watch if you are a fan of mystery.

How Many Letters Were There?

There were four letters, but the Broaddus family dismissed the fourth one saying a copycat likely did it because it seemed angrier and rooted towards the fact that the family was planning to bring down the house and build two other houses since they had a big lot. Two other neighbors in the neighborhood received similar letters. Theirs were not threatening and creepy and seemed to be more of an admiration for their homes.

Is The Watcher House Real?

The watcher house is very real. It is located in New Jersey, specifically Westfield at 657 Boulevard. It is in an upscale suburban town, an hour’s drive from Manhattan. In 2014 the town was ranked by neighborhood scouts among the 30 safest towns in America. Westfield is widely known for its historical homes. It was home to the popular Addams family show creator Charles Addams. It is also where the 1971 infamous John’s list murders took place.