There Is No Such Thing As The Holy Bible – Daddy Freeze

Nigerian media personality Daddy Freeze who is also the leader of the Free The Sheeple Church online has made it known that there is nothing like the ‘holy’ bible.

According to Freeze, the bible is just a book of scriptures and it man who changed it to ‘holy bible.’

In his words;

The ‘Bible’ is a compilation of just some of the scriptures and there is nothing holy about some ‘unholy’ people choosing what scriptures to combine into a biblical cannon, while ordering that the rest of the books that didn’t suit their narrative be destroyed.

Neither Christ, nor any of the disciples ever read a bible, what they read were the scriptures and as true Christians who follow the true teaching of our savior Yahushua, we must endeavour to go over and above what was compiled into a ‘bible’ for us, to search for the scriptural depth that defines Christianity! ~FRZ

Daddy Freeze
Daddy Freeze

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