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This Site Is Blocked Due To Phishing Threat [Solved] 2021

As a website designer, you must have encountered an error in a domain, an error like domain name automatically redirect to OpenDNS or saying (This Site Is Blocked Due To Phishing Threat).

Or google chrome browser saying the website you’re about visiting is not secure, even with SSL installed. With an advance option to proceed to the unsecured website.

After clicking on proceed, it will automatically redirect you to OpenDNS saying your domain is a threat.

Now let me tell you a little about what happens to me.

I design a tracking website for an organization, after delivering the job they begin to notice the website is going Off and On.

One minute accessible and the other minute it won’t.

Phishing Threat

They begin to complain, I have to check things out by myself, and notice it was a problem. A very big problem.

I didn’t know what to do, I uninstalled and reinstalled the SSL times without number and that didn’t solve the issue.

I begin to contact the host provider (Namecheap) via email and their live chat support.

Believe me, when I tell you Namecheap couldn’t solve the problem, they even confirm to me that the issue isn’t from them.

I begin to google search and didn’t find any solutions online.¬†Melody.com.ng

A week later, I contacted Namecheap SSL live support again, the lady (Margarita Zhulyova) took her time to investigate the issue.

After about 30min of chatting and investigating, she came up with the same response, saying “she’s sorry, everything looks fine from their end, it’s not an issue they can resolve

Then she told me to try and contact OpenDNS and give me their online support request link.

That was how I contacted OpenDNS support and they got the issue resolved with 30min of contacting them.

I was happy and my client was happy.?

Now let me show you what I sent to OpenDNS and how they resolve the site is blocked due to phishing threat issue.

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How To Remove Phishing Threat From Any Website

  • Contact OpenDNS support using this link.
  • Fill their online support form with your correct details
  • On subject field type “website redirecting to OpenDNS
  • Copy, edit and paste the message below on the “description field
  • Then send

You will receive instant autoresponder mail from them, informing you your message has been sent and received.

Hello. I bought a new domain and host from Namecheap and activate SSL, I installed WordPress, themes and plugin.

ISSUE: anytime I try visiting the domain “https://yourdomain.com” it redirects to OpenDNS saying the domain ‘https://yourdomain.com’ is a threat.

I contacted (your host here) support via email and live chat, they assured me it’s not from them, that I should contact OpenDNS. they give me this link to submit a request.

Note: at times the domain ‘https://yourdomain.com’ works very fine, and at times it doesn’t and redirect to OpenDNS

Now you should expect a reply from one of their support within the next hour.

Just follow up with their email reply and the domain issue “this site is blocked due to phishing threat” will be resolved.

And yes, it will be resolved for free. Free of charge, no payment involved.

What really went wrong?

It was a malware that attacks your domain and causes the redirection. They’ll get it cleaned and unblock your domain.

Mail from Cisco Umbrella “Dosciarr (OpenDNS)”

Hello, Thank you for your patience.

The security research team has reviewed the domain and concluded it is now malware free. As a result, the block has now been removed.

Kindly flush your browser cache to ensure there are no conflicts.

If you are still experiencing a block, kindly run the diagnostic test and provide us with the URL.

Kind Regards,

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