Those padding budgets, looting treasury guilty of treason not us- NLC to SGF Akume

Those padding budgets, looting treasury guilty of treason not us- NLC to SGF Akume

During the strike, workers had shut down the grid and
withdrew their services from the airports among other actions.


In a statement on Friday, Benson Upah, NLC’s head of public
affairs, said those looting the treasury and padding the budgets are guilty of
sabotaging the economy.


“These demands are grounded in the need for economic justice
and fairness for all Nigerian workers and citizens. The SGF we are sure clearly
knows those whose actions are treasonable and sabotage our economy,” Upah said.

“Those who loot our treasury around the country, those who
divert public resources meant for hospitals and schools; those who are involved
in foreign exchange round tripping; padding of budgets and inflating contracts
including those who steal trillions of naira in the name of subsidy are the
real economic saboteurs who commit treasonable felony.


“These people are in costly Agbada and drive in convoys all
around the nation occupying the corridors of power and not innocent workers who
are not slaves but chose to withdraw their services because of the inhuman
treatment meted on them by the government.


“We reject completely the unfortunate insinuations around
the SGF’s remarks because strikes are not only legal but also a civic duty.


“We are surprised that the SGF will demonstrate such a
glaring sense of unawareness to the understanding of the fact that when workers
withdraw their services which is their right, machines cannot operate
themselves so, they grind to a halt.”


Upah said labour would “not surrender the trust and
confidence Nigerian workers and people have bestowed on us to blackmail by the
SGF or any other official”.

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