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Tobechukwu Okoye Biography: Age & Net Worth

Last updated on October 16, 2021


Tobechukwu Okoye Biography. Tobechukwu is a 26-year-old technician, car tracker installer and student. According to him, he plans to change his career and family’s current situation if he wins the GUS Season 12.

Tobechukwu Okoye Biography

Tobechukwu was born 1995, is a technician, car tracker installer, student and Gulder Ultimate Search contestant.

Tobechukwu Okoye

Tobechukwu came into limelight in September 2021, after he was announced as one of the contestants of the Gulder Ultimate Search reality TV show.

Tobechukwu Age

He is 26 years old as at the time of writing this article.

Tobechukwu Okoye Net Worth

He is one of the contestants of the prestigious Gulder Ultimate Search reality TV show, although his net worth has not been estimated yet.

What he has to Say

Tobechukwu Okoye Biography, he plans to change his career and family’s current situation if he wins this edition of GUS.

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