1. Remember when Optimus said:"Let's them Cum". My friend:"It's Cum time" then flip 3 times in the air after Cum three shots right into the ground.

  2. I love Transformer Movies.. Just good old fashion action flick…

  3. I thought the maximals are the origin of the autobots 🤔😅

  4. Optimus Primal: Of All The Threats, From Both Your Past And Future, You Never Faced Anything Like This.
    Optimus Prime: Let Them Come.

  5. Pretty cool nod to the air cooled motor by the fan in mirages stomach, you can tell that Porsche either was really involved in his design or the designers really did their homework

  6. They got everything right about the Transformers in Bumblebee. Now the director of this new movie decided to be an ass and give Optimus lips again! Wtf?!

  7. Beast Wars! One of the first CGI cartoons in the 90's. Remember waking up early at 8am on Saturdays just to watch them. I would tell my brother to wake me up in case I overslept.

  8. 1:45 lgbt would be like "noooo, she is sexualized, real robowoman can't look like this"

  9. Idgaf what anybody says, Transformers movies are the the fucking shit, not necessarily because of "genius" plot lines or anything, but they're great because of exactly what they are.

  10. This will the most greatest epic transformers movie 🎥 ever.

  11. 0:55 few months past, those two guys are still dry as hell

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