Tribes and tongues pluralised… NOA modifies lyrics of reintroduced national anthem

Tribes and tongues pluralised… NOA modifies lyrics of reintroduced national anthem

 “Most Nigerians above
50 have no issue with it. They’ve been looking for it. And we have seen that
play out the way people have been singing it,” Issa-Onilu said.


“All across the country, we’ve been blown away by the kind
of positive reactions, and we didn’t even expect it within 24 hours when it was
signed. We saw schools already teaching and singing it.”


He said the anthem is part of the national identity project
of the President Bola Tinubu administration, which is one of the “seven
programmes for the institutionalisation of our national values”.


He said the objective of the event was to present the
official version, which would clear all doubts about the correct lyrics as
contained in the Act signed by the president.


“We call the attention of Nigerians to line three (3) of the
first stanza, which reads: Though tribes and tongues may differ. Note that the
words ‘tribes’ and ‘tongues’ are in the plural,” he said.


“We want you to also note that line five (5) of the first
stanza reads: Nigerians all, are proud to serve. The words ‘are’ not ‘and’ is


On the official instrumental and audio rendition, Issa-Onilu
said the NOA “will call for entries for the production of an authentic Nigerian
melody, taking into cognisance the indigenous instrumentation of the Nigerian


 “The effective date
for the entries and the procedure will be announced throughNOA channels in the coming
week,” he added.


See the lyrics of the standardised national anthem below


Stanza 1


Nigeria, we hail thee



Our own dear native land


Though tribes and tongues may differ


In brotherhood, we stand


Nigerians all, are proud to serve


Our sovereign Motherland.


Stanza 2

Our flag shall be a symbol


That truth and justice reign


In peace or battle, honour’d,


And this we count as gain,


To hand on to our children


A banner without stain.


Stanza 3


O God of all creation


Grant this our one request,


Help us to build a nation


Where no man is oppressed,


And so with peace and plenty


Nigeria may be blessed.



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