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Twitam | Make Money From Twitam.Com 2020

Twitam is an alternative to other social media like Facebook and Twitter. So primarily, Twitam.com is a Nigeria social networking platform where user can share what matter and have fun.

Let me tell you more about this new social platform before teaching you how to make $100 (N37,000) from it.

About Twitam.com

The platform is a new social media with different in value, and with most of Facebook/Twitter features. The social feature are getting improved from time to time.

Twitam is coined out of Nigeria pidgin, as in share am, post am or twit am freely without any limitations or any restriction.

It is a growing social network and will be one of the largest social media to come as the system is and will be well supposed with partners and huge campaign promotion all over the world starting from Nigeria.

Paul Samson of NNU owns this new social platform.

NNUForum members can use the platform as a tools to carry out their membership activeness and review.

All NNUForum member are require to create a valid account on Twitam.com, kindly make sure to complete your profile registration and remain active on the platform to make sure you get paid your earning on NNU Forum.

After registering on Twitam, locate NNU Forum Page, like the page and then share their daily post either on your timeline, Whatsapp or other social media except Facebook.

Make sure you edit and complete your profile with your picture. You can also add friends on the platform to grow your audience.

How To Register On Twitam.Com

  • First thing is to visit the website and register for free, click here to visit the website.
  • After creating an account, click on profile
  • Fill in the profile form with your correct information
  • Click save, now visit your timeline and begin to perform activities
  • Perform activities like, uploading pictures, posting update, status, stories
  • Begin to share other members post, like post, comment on publish post
  • Share am, post am or twit am on a daily basis. The more activities you perform, the more point you earn.


And please remember Twitam is not a news income website. It is a social media platform, the difference is that they reward their members for using the platform.

Twitam.com Upcoming Features

The developers behind the platform are coming up with an incentive and rewarding plans among the best performance both in activities engagement and referrals.

They will be having different star levels with different reward, including millions cash award, trip and car award.

Twitam Star

Become a Twitam Star of the week and get instant cash prize of $100 (N37,000). They are given $100 weekly to a member who earns more activities points that convert to wallet fund which are used to upgrade to “Star Plan” and become a “Star of the week”.

How To Make Money On Twitam.com:

  • Complete your profile registering with your valid details and profile picture
  • Add more friends, you can also invite your friends to join and roll together
  • Stay active, engage in activities by creating relevant posts, reacting and commenting on other friends’ posts
  • Earn more points as you stay active while you keep checking your wallet balance
  • Once it’s up to $5, use it to upgrade to the Star Package from here https://twitam.com/go-pro

Twitam Earnings

NOTE: Irrelevant posts and duplicate posts will lead to disqualifying all your activities.

Who To Follow?

Go and register now, you can as well request for profile verification just like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

How To Verify Your Twitam Account

Kindly follow the steps listed below to verify your personal profile/page on twitam website.

  1. Login to your already created account and click on the (3 dot) at the top right-hand side
  2. Then click on “General Settings” and let the page loads
  3. Now click on the “Verification button” from the right-hand side panel
  4. Fill in your correct details like, Name and other information
  5. Submit your valid ID Card and a clear picture of yourself
  6. E.g Voters Card, Drivers License or International Passport
  7. When done, click on “Submit”
  8. That’s it, now wait patiently for your account to be verified.