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Twitam | Make Money From Twitam.Com 2020

Last updated on August 15, 2020

Twitam is an alternative to other social media like Facebook and Twitter. So primarily, is a Nigeria social networking platform where user can share what matter and have fun.

Let me tell you more about this new social platform before teaching you how to make $100 (N37,000) from it.


The platform is a new social media with different in value, and with most of Facebook/Twitter features. The social feature are getting improved from time to time.

Twitam is coined out of Nigeria pidgin, as in share am, post am or twit am freely without any limitations or any restriction.

It is a growing social network and will be one of the largest social media to come as the system is and will be well supposed with partners and huge campaign promotion all over the world starting from Nigeria.

Paul Samson of NNU owns this new social platform.

NNUForum members can use the platform as a tools to carry out their membership activeness and review.

All NNUForum member are require to create a valid account on, kindly make sure to complete your profile registration and remain active on the platform to make sure you get paid your earning on NNU Forum.

After registering on Twitam, locate NNU Forum Page, like the page and then share their daily post either on your timeline, Whatsapp or other social media except Facebook.

Make sure you edit and complete your profile with your picture. You can also add friends on the platform to grow your audience.

How To Register On Twitam.Com

  • First thing is to visit the website and register for free, click here to visit the website.
  • After creating an account, click on profile
  • Fill in the profile form with your correct information
  • Click save, now visit your timeline and begin to perform activities
  • Perform activities like, uploading pictures, posting update, status, stories
  • Begin to share other members post, like post, comment on publish post
  • Share am, post am or twit am on a daily basis. The more activities you perform, the more point you earn.


And please remember Twitam is not a news income website. It is a social media platform, the difference is that they reward their members for using the platform. Upcoming Features

The developers behind the platform are coming up with an incentive and rewarding plans among the best performance both in activities engagement and referrals.

They will be having different star levels with different reward, including millions cash award, trip and car award.

Twitam Star

Become a Twitam Star of the week and get instant cash prize of $100 (N37,000). They are given $100 weekly to a member who earns more activities points that convert to wallet fund which are used to upgrade to “Star Plan” and become a “Star of the week”.

How To Make Money On

  • Complete your profile registering with your valid details and profile picture
  • Add more friends, you can also invite your friends to join and roll together
  • Stay active, engage in activities by creating relevant posts, reacting and commenting on other friends’ posts
  • Earn more points as you stay active while you keep checking your wallet balance
  • Once it’s up to $5, use it to upgrade to the Star Package from here

Twitam Earnings

NOTE: Irrelevant posts and duplicate posts will lead to disqualifying all your activities.

Who To Follow?

Go and register now, you can as well request for profile verification just like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

How To Verify Your Twitam Account

Kindly follow the steps listed below to verify your personal profile/page on twitam website.

  1. Login to your already created account and click on the (3 dot) at the top right-hand side
  2. Then click on “General Settings” and let the page loads
  3. Now click on the “Verification button” from the right-hand side panel
  4. Fill in your correct details like, Name and other information
  5. Submit your valid ID Card and a clear picture of yourself
  6. E.g Voters Card, Drivers License or International Passport
  7. When done, click on “Submit”
  8. That’s it, now wait patiently for your account to be verified.

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  1. Mmesoma jacinta Mmesoma jacinta

    Is there any payments prove so far from Twitam?

    • Mr Melody Mr Melody Post author

      Jacinta, Twitam is not a news affiliate website. It’s a social media platform, an alternative to Facebook. Register and use the platform just the same way you use Facebook. The best part is that they reward members for using the platform. Thanks

      • Samuel Samuel

        This is good and educativre

      • Frank Frank

        Wow dis is awesome

      • Hermanie Hermanie

        Very good social improvement. Lots of advantages. Its a very good idea. Paul Samson’s a very good entrepreneur

    • Adebisi Amodu Adebisi Amodu

      Join nnu forum if you are not yet a member for better understanding on this,
      my number is 09034144951

    • Sadiq bello Sadiq bello

      Nice information this is very helpful not to nnu members to us all

      • Akinbayo Sodiq Akinbayo Sodiq

        This is a good information for all NNU user of which am one of them.

        • Tekno19 Tekno19

          This is a good platform thanks for the nice information and for the sponsor

          • omolara omolara

            Wow dis is so nice
            Never heard of dis tho
            Thank God I came across twitam
            I’m so happy

          • Augustina Oluwatoyin Augustina Oluwatoyin

            This is so good and Educative. I just learnt more tips here. Wonderful!!!

        • Mustapha Musa Mustapha Musa

          Wow this is a good information for new members and old we love you all

          • Favou Favou

            Nice one
            This is a great and a good information for us
            Thanks for this information
            God bless you

        • Hermanie Hermanie

          The information’s very excellent. Its a good cause that’ll benefit everybody

          • Hassan Salami Hassan Salami

            Nice Platform
            Keep up the good work Mr Paul Samson

    • Jethro Jethro

      As e dey hit na, twitam is going to go viral and make all Nigerians proud, thanks Mr PSO…

  2. Bello Toluwanimi Bello Toluwanimi

    Have never heard of this social platform before, I think it will be a great social media.

  3. Samuel sola Samuel sola

    That is a nice feature about this new social media…has a lot of great advantages

    • Rowland Abdulkhalin Rowland Abdulkhalin

      I for see a greater future for Nigerians through this mighty invention, thanks to the oracle behind this work of creativity (PSO).

      • Rukayat karatu Rukayat karatu

        Very innovative…Nigeria are also trying in the aspect of technology. We are getting there.

  4. Adefowope Oluwatobiloba Adefowope Oluwatobiloba

    With what i be read about it, I think its good for recommendations. I hope it’ll better than FB

  5. Sojie Sojie

    This platform is a hit… I think its a chance to still make mor money

  6. Samuel Dahunsi Samuel Dahunsi

    Is it connected to NNU?

  7. Genius Richard Genius Richard

    oh what a nice platform for Nigeria, the platform is really interesting.

  8. Don Herbey Don Herbey

    Is there any fee to be paid before registering for twitam

    • Sojie Sojie

      This is like a one million dollar idea.. No stress just make money from home

    • Tari Ayawei Tari Ayawei

      I think,I have to try it and see I love website link this.

    • Favou Favou

      Yes, I think so
      There is a fee oh
      Am serious about it
      Trust me

  9. Slimprince26 Slimprince26

    This will help us youth in Nigeria a lot to make money for ourselves

    • Favou Favou

      U are right
      Its will make us Nigerians make a lot of money
      Not only that
      Its will improve our financial status

  10. Opeyemi1 Opeyemi1

    Thanks, that so interesting and many people are going to join,

  11. Neeyah56 Neeyah56

    Yhh…so is it just like the one on nnu or it is different

    • Favou Favou

      But all I know is that the platform is legit
      And it make sense

  12. John okpa John okpa

    Awesome platform this is the kid of things we all pray for, thank very much, am going straight ahead…

  13. Samuel Samuel

    This platform is a very good platform in the sense that valuable things are brought out to the notice of we citizens

    • Favou Favou

      U hit the point there
      This platform is legit
      Have not seen a platform that is as legit as this one

  14. Daniel Bassey Daniel Bassey

    This is the first time I am hearing about it as for the reward option is nice, am going to get my self registered now

  15. Olawale01 Olawale01

    I hope it legit and easy to update just like the rest..but it a nice info and base on the post it gonna be a very cool platform

  16. brahee2003 brahee2003

    This is a welcome development but an evidence of payment need to be shown. Good initiative


    I do support this platform of new socialization network,evening having its registered members at interest…where by supporting through the medium of Rewards…I support the terms and conditions
    I hope its very interactive?

    • Eniola Eniola

      I hope it legit and reliable.. And wen we try it I hope we get the best services.. Nice one

    • Esther Emeka Esther Emeka

      It sounds good to me, I will give it a try

  18. Egunjobi akorede Egunjobi akorede

    How about payment method,cuz we can see that at mycashback

  19. Victor chime Victor chime

    That’s nice i wanted to register in twiter but it coudnt i wanna know y pls

  20. Noel Henmor Noel Henmor

    Noel, Twitam is not a news affiliate website. It’s a social media platform . Register and use the platform just the same way you use Facebook. The best part is that they reward members for using the platform. Thanks

  21. Victor chime Victor chime

    nice i wanted to register in twiter but it coudnt i wanna knew y past

    • Tari Tari

      I have tried so many times to register, but it’s not responding, it a good site though….

      • Tari Tari

        This is a good improvement, but I have try a lot of times, but can’t still able to register.

  22. oyeyemi emmanuel oyeyemi emmanuel

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    Have the site paid any body since they started, or did they just start

  25. Oluwaseyi esekiel Oluwaseyi esekiel


  26. Hardebayor Hardebayor

    Can dis platform pay but i like it because it is an update platform

    • Tajudeen Tajudeen

      Good idea to see more updates news

  27. Collins Bioseh Collins Bioseh

    It’s a good idea. It poses an edge over all social media account with it’s earning feature…great idea from the owner of the website, it sure will generate a lot of traffic because people really want to earn money from social medias. Kudos

  28. Muhammed Lawal Muhammed Lawal

    I hope this real, and pays when due.

  29. Yusuf Khalil Abubakar Yusuf Khalil Abubakar

    This is very helpful platform that give you chance to earn cash online by using there articles

    • James Idahosa James Idahosa

      Wow I appreciate you Paul Samson for this platform you created out of nothing something is born but, this is out of something a rejuvenation was masterminded. And it’s ours. 9jah for life

      • Promise okhevbehimi Promise okhevbehimi

        I love this platform…. It’s a good step in the possitive direction

        • Victor Damilola Victor Damilola

          This is a good website, I’m very surprised it’s working,God bless the Owner.

  30. Ayomibami Ayomibami

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    Thanks to

  31. Hismaeel Hismaeel

    Wow….. This is a new initiative social media just like face book, WhatsApp etc. This will encourage users especially when they reward members by using the platform on a daily basis

  32. Prince Godsown David Prince Godsown David

    This is good but I like cashback than this because cashback perform more than them

  33. Noel Henmor Noel Henmor

    Twitam is also a social platform which also replace facebook, very interesting just try it out

  34. Prince Godsown David Prince Godsown David

    I prefer remaining here than joining different platform that is not like cashback

  35. Samuel Samuel

    very good platform and I hope meaningful information will be passed out through this platform

    • Taofeek abdullahi Taofeek abdullahi

      Good information for Nigeria

  36. Adebisi Amodu Adebisi Amodu

    Have been trying to open my twitam a/c since jan. 14 when it was been announced on nnu forum because am a member, and up till now the a/c is not opening. Even though have tried it through the link on this page but still the same thing, i tried to message mr. Paul Samson on this issue via gmail but it said they are working on it and this can affect my withdrawal, please help me out

    • Mr Melody Mr Melody Post author

      The registration is easy and straightforward.

  37. Aladewolu Daniel Aladewolu Daniel

    Twitam rewards members for this

  38. jafar el yankara jafar el yankara

    i need to register with your legit how i want?

  39. Atanda Kehinde Yusuff Atanda Kehinde Yusuff

    This platform is very good site, it’s a good to know what I want

  40. favour chinedu favour chinedu

    Wow this is the most amazing thing i have ever seen…….so I can actually make money for just doing what i do on Facebook……. Am so excited

  41. Hardebayor Hardebayor

    That is good are they paying good but i like it bcus it is update

  42. Prince Godsown David Prince Godsown David

    Twitter twitter twitter twitter twitter twitter twitter twitter twitter twitter

  43. taofeek abdullahi taofeek abdullahi

    good idea

  44. Marvellous Opadare Marvellous Opadare

    This is a great addition to our social media lifestyle. Share am, post am, twit am

  45. Habib ismail Habib ismail

    That’s a very innovation and I will love all Nigerians to make use it just like the Korean does with their own social media called SNS, made in naija all the way, also I will like the developer to cone up with exiting features that will attract all Nigerian so as to compete with all other social media platforms, good work

  46. jafar el yankara jafar el yankara

    i try to open this legit but they are not opening i don’t know why? plz i need to help to open it.

  47. Joy precious Joy precious

    There’s is a big difference between a website and Facebook

  48. sunday samuel sunday samuel

    Jacinta, Twitam is not a news affiliate website. It’s a social media platform, Is there any payments prove so far from Twitam?

  49. Joshua Ogunwoolu Joshua Ogunwoolu

    Wow!!! This is a good way of improving communication among people and earning effectively. Perfect👍👍

  50. Chukwuma Ann Chukwuma Ann

    Thanks for the valid information I will register

  51. Glory Glory

    Nice to hear

  52. Ego Patriot Goodday Ego Patriot Goodday

    This is good ooo, if only the Twina will be effective and profitable to its members. Any way, Paul Samson tried…. I appreciate him on his motivational and entrepreneurial thoughts.

  53. Dare Dare

    I guessed this is a good social media platform, because apart from sending n receiving informations u can also earn from it. Kudos to d bloggers of dah platform.

  54. Abubakar Bashir Abubakar Bashir

    Thank God we are going to have a social media as strong as this facebook that we can brag as our own.

  55. Marvellous Opadare Marvellous Opadare

    This is very very good. I pray Twitam surpasses the likes of Facebook, Twitter and the rest

  56. Zayn Zayn

    There should be a payment proof

    • Mustapha Musa Mustapha Musa

      My guy I am one of NNU member dey pay every month 10,000 and if you invite a parson you will be pay 1,000 for each, the registration fee is 1400 my brother come oooo no time to check time, 08116385852 call me for more information

  57. abeeb kehinde akande abeeb kehinde akande

    Really.. If this is real, it will be sense making ooooo

    • Mr Melody Mr Melody Post author

      What has real or not real got to do with this. It’s a social media website. Visit and see for yourself..

      • Balogun Davinson Balogun Davinson

        Wow social media platform created by a Nigerian? I af to try this out .
        Nice work Mr Melody

  58. Yousueph PapaD Yousueph PapaD

    I think Twitam is a good media platform since it’s beyond sending n receiving of informations (chatting), having fun, and so on. U can also make money from it since it’s works with the NNU forum.

  59. Abdurrasheed Abdulfattah Abdurrasheed Abdulfattah

    Ghee this is really awesome…cuz it’s just like you get paid to do what you like doing

  60. Emaeyak Etuk Emaeyak Etuk

    What a fantastic information. These is the best platform I’ve ever seen that get his members updated

  61. Victor Isiboge Victor Isiboge

    If it works well, this is something great coming from a Nigerian kudos to you mr Paul Samson.

  62. Praise19 Praise19

    Nice information I love this its a real empowerement for the youth

  63. danashegz44 danashegz44

    Twitam is another platform and the best for our generation. Good innovation nnu

  64. Adesina Nurudeen Adesina Nurudeen

    Twitam is also a social media platform just like Facebook and twitter. It a platform that website like nnu use as alternative to Facebook. Twitam is a platform that pays is user for activities they perform on it

  65. Emaeyak Etuk Emaeyak Etuk

    I really enjoy the information coming from such a fantastic platform like this

  66. greaty greaty

    a very good upgrade in the world of social media

  67. ademola adekunle ademola adekunle

    Good I will register now

  68. Opeyemi Basit Opeyemi Basit

    This is so interesting, people should know about these also.

  69. Nianglong Benjamin Nianglong Benjamin

    The world is growing day by day technology is taking over everything very soon now people will stop going to work.

  70. Wallaz riko Wallaz riko

    This is the best in the world..
    I love this site

  71. Phaid Phaid

    Twitam i guess is going to change lifes


    TWITAM you are welcome to World with you can also make Nigeria as one country that has social media. Techonology is now running the world

  73. Olah Israel Olah Israel

    This is a really cool site.. I love it.. I can’t wait to share

  74. Francis Francis

    Nice website this is fantastic I will defimately tell my friends about this site

  75. Abdul-Rasheed Qoadri Alao Abdul-Rasheed Qoadri Alao

    If Twitam really possess this features, then it’s a hit for nnu forum members for casting their money in a new way other than facebook and the rest media.

  76. Mabol Mabol

    This is convincing
    I will try it

  77. Sunmy V Sunmy V

    Wow this site is almost everything like Facebook it could go places others just need to know about it

  78. favour chinedu favour chinedu

    This is amazing….. Am downloading it right away

  79. Faloye Mosun Faloye Mosun

    Imagine this site if people know more about this site Facebook will be decongested and this will now be the reigning site

  80. Abdul-Rasheed Qoadri Alao Abdul-Rasheed Qoadri Alao

    If Twitam really possess this features, then it’s a hit for nnu forum members for casting their money in a new way other than facebook and the rest media. even those that are not nnu forum members can benefit from this new site

  81. Mohammed Sani Musa Mohammed Sani Musa

    This is the real platform

  82. Akoreydey Akoreydey

    So educative, I think we African also are now improving especially nigeria

  83. Faloye Mosun Faloye Mosun

    Twitam is a very good site best for chatting posting and telling people about yourself

  84. ademola adekunle ademola adekunle

    good to hear this

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    This is so great,wow.,..

  86. Saviour Saviour

    Very fantastic, I must tell everyone about this site

  87. Nsibaba Nsibaba

    I strongly believe in it, but I will stand to defend it when it pays when the time is due.

  88. Amaka Solomon Amaka Solomon

    This is very wonderful site,this site we change our life,we now be rich,thanks god

  89. Nsibaba Nsibaba

    We hope this website pays so as to stand to defend it anytime, anywhere

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    This seem interesting and fun ,I will love to try it out and see how it goes, keep it up

  91. Ambali Abdulateef Ambali Abdulateef

    Nice blog

  92. Alice Alice

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  93. Akinsanya Yusuf Akinsanya Yusuf

    It a very nice platform am very interested to join as well

  94. Leo Fete Leo Fete

    Am I the only one who feels it will a competition with Facebook later in future?

  95. Leo Fete Leo Fete

    Am I the only one feeling this social media will be in a competition with Facebook in future?

  96. Festus Adejumo Festus Adejumo

    I hope it will be cool and interactive like other social platform and one of the things that will make it stand out is the earning method attach to it

  97. Mabol Mabol

    This is nice
    I will try it


    You welcome to our dear country, this Era is the time of Technologies I can’t wait to be part of the member

  99. Adebayo Joshua Adebayo Joshua

    Very Unique site

  100. Muttolib Muttolib

    Wow! A great initiative by Mr Samson, I’m a bit confused about the process though. All I gathered was, to open Twitam account, and keep using it like any other social media platform. Twitam pays for using though, right?

  101. Raji Yusuf Raji Yusuf

    It’s a nice initiative, Paul Samson you are one of the heros of our time, reign forever

  102. Atoic Atoic

    Ohhh that a great opportunity for us Nigeria’s i cant wait to be part of the company

  103. Amaka Solomon Amaka Solomon

    This wonderful

  104. Tonyefison Tonyefison

    Wow this is really amazing. Can’t wait to be a member f this great opportunity.

  105. Joy Joy

    What a great innovation.I hope it will be of better importance.

  106. preciousolusayo preciousolusayo

    Welcome to our country,This will really help our country on the issue of unemployment

  107. Panason Ngandiya Panason Ngandiya

    Nice article,I just hope this is real and it pays me


    hmmm nigeria is really progressing this is a very nice idea.

  109. Gloshaide Gloshaide

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    It’ll be a better alternative to other social media

  110. Amaka Solomon Amaka Solomon

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  111. Crispy Crispy

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  112. Emmanuel2002 Emmanuel2002

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  113. Shoppy Shoppy

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  114. Kehinde Joseph Kehinde Joseph

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  115. Magdalene Magdalene

    This will enrich the youth.

  116. Israel ogundele Israel ogundele

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    When is the withdrawal date

  117. Vincent15 Vincent15

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  118. Egolum Egolum

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  119. Abdulrasheed Lukman Abdulrasheed Lukman

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  120. Gloshaide Gloshaide

    What a great improvement in technology.
    I’m sure it’ll be a better alternative to other social medias.

    • Oki samuel Oki samuel

      This is a nice update, I will register and hoping to get a great benefit from it

  121. Oghuvwuh benedict Oghuvwuh benedict

    I think this would work,let just follow through and benefit

  122. Patcy Patcy

    This is so development everyday, really interesting

  123. Gloshaide Gloshaide

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  124. Paul Newman Paul Newman

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  125. George George

    Twitam is a good forum to help connect people considering it is a Nigerian social media forum makes it much more interesting



  127. Panason Ngandiya Panason Ngandiya

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  128. Asiat onimasa Asiat onimasa

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  129. Chim N. Chim N.

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  130. Linus bassey Linus bassey

    Is like this platform is new oo have not head about it before oo I pray it work

  131. George George

    I love this social media platform it indigenous projection nigeria to the world

  132. George George

    I love this social media platform it indigenous projection nigeria to the world

  133. George George

    This twitam is awesome it has nigerian flavor and will prove to be a good way to bring nigerian together through the internet

  134. Idris Faridah Idris Faridah

    This is really a good platform made by Nigerians,social and financial benefits,good job

  135. mrperfect mrperfect

    i will surely give it a try


    Its a nice platform but does it have an app because i would like to download it

    • Mr Melody Mr Melody Post author

      According to the owner, they’re already developing it Android App which will be available soon.

  137. Usman Abdullahi Ibrahim Usman Abdullahi Ibrahim

    I hope it legit and reliable.. And wen we try it I hope we get the best services.. Nice one

  138. Joyce Akpan Joyce Akpan

    I love the Twitam website, I’m a member

  139. Omoteji Mahmud Omoteji Mahmud

    I love this platform…. It’s just like giving back your money

  140. Asiat onimasa Asiat onimasa

    In fact I really love this……. Before people says we are in computer age but I don’t really have hear in it but now the increments in the development of technology I can it is.

  141. Dabisunny Dabisunny

    Another wonderful platform in which people can share information and also make cool money

  142. Toluwani William's Toluwani William's

    This is an amazing and impressive improvement for in our IT world. I hope it gets bigger and better.

  143. David7 David7

    Wow,thanks Mr Melody,I love twitam, because it’s making sense,I think this will help Nigerian youths to be useful to themselves,I love these

  144. Ayo2fresh1 Ayo2fresh1

    This is a great social media platform an alternate to Facebook it wonderful. Not just to NNU user but to everyone..bravo

  145. Simeone Simeone

    Its a fantastic social media. Checked and have the account already, so nice.

  146. Kalaere Kalaere

    Yeah the social media is very good just like Facebook and Twitter I registered since last week and seems it’s pretty good

  147. godwin ogwu godwin ogwu

    its a nice website i like it

  148. Johnny_sweetlife Johnny_sweetlife

    I just created an account on the platform and i am getting a hang of it….
    Nice platform

  149. Atanda Kehinde Yusuff Atanda Kehinde Yusuff

    This is a good platform, i really like it seriously. God bless you all

  150. Yusuf Hamisu Yusuf Hamisu

    Very good information nd helpful

  151. Jolayemi yusuf Jolayemi yusuf

    Paul Samson??that man is never straight forward…I can’t do this…NNU sef is not paying..

    • Mr Melody Mr Melody Post author

      Yusuf twitam is just a social media platform. So bad you don’t want to use your fellow Nigerian platform but prefer another man’s own.

  152. Nelsonabul88 Nelsonabul88

    Something that is made for nigerians and for nigerians is great.. Nice one

  153. Muhammad Adesope Muhammad Adesope

    Looks nice,let’s try it out

  154. Hussaini Adamu Hussaini Adamu

    Wow this is very helpful information I don’t know about nnu and I will try to be among the members

  155. Friday Young Akeekue Friday Young Akeekue

    I love to hear that.

  156. Toyeeb Balogun-Agbaje Toyeeb Balogun-Agbaje

    I participated in NNU and I was paid. So no doubt Paul Samson will succeed. It’s really a nice innovation. Good work Paul Samson

  157. mayordoski mayordoski

    the,site is also good

  158. Surprise Emmanuel Surprise Emmanuel

    I have been using this twitam for past 5days and I love this platform it’s very nice and awesome…

  159. Muhammad Adesope Muhammad Adesope

    Looks nice. Let’s try it out.
    yes, it looks good from the description .

  160. Adenika john Adenika john

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  161. Jolayemi yusuf Jolayemi yusuf

    This is good…I will like to be part of this… thanks

  162. Tekno19 Tekno19

    This is a good platform thanks for the nice information and for the sponsors

  163. Sunmy Opeyemi Sunmy Opeyemi

    Wonderful but the issue is one has to look for money to run this program so of will go well

  164. Oke Timileyin Oke Timileyin

    This is a great platform. I think it will help people in earning much and chatting with friends more easier.

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    This is quite interesting but it will be very good if the publicity is made more pronounced for a larger members of the public to get to be informed and involved

    • Mr Melody Mr Melody Post author

      Thanks for dropping by, but we didn’t ask for your username and email. Or maybe you should let us know the reason you drop it.

  166. Emmanuel Babalola Emmanuel Babalola

    Wowwww. That twitam you can use operamini to browse the website. Operamini Is too low for twitam

    • Mr Melody Mr Melody Post author

      The website loads very fast from our end here.

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  205. Shuraih99 Shuraih99

    Good work i sincerly praised the developers but in term of payment in NNU are we going to add our twitam profile url instead of facebook profile url

  206. Shuraih99 Shuraih99

    Good work i sincerly praised the developers but in term of payment in NNU are we going to add our twitam profile url instead of facebook profile url

  207. Ghaneeyah Ghaneeyah

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    Wow it will be more than a social media but also a proud to Nigeria as the first country in Africa to start this waiting anxiously for Twitam

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  231. Abubakaraleefah Abubakaraleefah

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  261. Sunmy V Sunmy V

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  262. lukman bala lukman bala

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    This is the Best Chatting site that I have never see,but I wish it could pay in Cash with all this earning bonuses

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  286. Adewealth Adewealth

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  287. Alfred Alfred another interesting way to make some cool cash hmmm.

  288. Harvest Prince Harvest Prince

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  294. Temi Temi

    Work thank u very much for this platform its really going to help a lot if youth at least intend of Facebook we do this and earn money thanks once more

  295. Timothy Timothy

    Hmmm I admit this would be great , A social media with our common Nigeria pidgen english , that also has features like Facebook and twiter , I love it… And so happy to have heared about it


    This is so wonderful thank u very much for creating this platform it really gonna help us youth of nowadays thanks for the one who created the platform

  297. Okelue Mirabel Okelue Mirabel


    so i also learnt that there is a social media app called twitam , where I can do all I do on Facebook and Twitter ND still earn money

    is this not sweet?
    omo my friends and everyone I know will have to start using twitam

  298. Goodness Eze Goodness Eze

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  299. Goodness Eze Goodness Eze

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    Actually this is the very first time am hearing of this website. And from the looks of things,I think it’s going to be a wonderful site.

  304. Babatunde Temitayo Babatunde Temitayo

    like seriously this is the first social media platform made by a Nigerian I even seen

  305. Ayoola111 Ayoola111

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    A very creative and supportive website,it should be warmly welcomed by NNU users.

  307. Ojo Victor Ojo Victor

    Please I am a member of NNU but since I requested for money, I haven’t been paid. If I join this please will I be paid on NNU ?

  308. Spiceyman Spiceyman

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  309. Michael Nwobu Michael Nwobu

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  310. Holahyhiwolah Holahyhiwolah

    Wow this is my first time of seeing this and it’s a very nice Plat form that’s will help us youth, if this kind of good idea can be come up like this. This country atleast will be good.
    Thanks and God bless.


    That’s good news

  312. Adebayo Nurudeen (harde) Adebayo Nurudeen (harde)

    This is a very large scale work of expertise. I hope they can maintain the standard because it’s cool already and moreover we can make money as well which is the most important lol

  313. Adeferarri Adeferarri

    I believe this is going to be among the best… And a good work from paul samson.


    excellent idea

  315. Josephine Ngozi Josephine Ngozi

    This is really awesome,
    I just got it now,
    Very nice innovation!

  316. Daniel Daniel

    This is great. Can’t wait to see it contending with other social media platforms in future. Time will tell.

  317. Paul Joshua Paul Joshua

    Really I’m impressed with what you guys have been doing all this wail keep on the good work I can see many activities going on….

  318. Daniel Odusina Daniel Odusina

    This is a great idea.

  319. Emizzy Emizzy

    This is very nice,a medium where by people could make money and solve family financial issues

  320. Akinkunmi tanimomo Akinkunmi tanimomo

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    All we need is a payment proof

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    It’s really productive

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    I am on the platform and it is really cool. Tho its still new but the few friends I have made are cool.

  324. Omoniyodo Giovanni Omoniyodo Giovanni

    I love the ideal I hope it’ grows to be very successful and useful to the nation

  325. Oguntimehin Daniel Ifedamola Oguntimehin Daniel Ifedamola

    This is so lovely , I learnt a lot of new things here.

  326. Feyisayo ogunmola Feyisayo ogunmola

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  330. Muhammed hammed Muhammed hammed

    That was great performance for PSO hope he become next presido

  331. Anuoluwapo Taiwo Anuoluwapo Taiwo

    Wow. Good for nnu member. But pls how legit is it.

  332. Adetoro Emmanuel Adetoro Emmanuel

    This is a great move,I will register

    • Johnson Natieng Johnson Natieng

      me too

  333. Adeyemi Emmanuel Adeyemi Emmanuel

    I think is another way to make money online.
    I pray the system work

  334. Lawalnasir Lawalnasir

    Good i’m very happy to see that earner site

  335. Abegunde Oyelami Abegunde Oyelami

    This will be really great and I will sure try this out, but do I need to open NNU account ?


    Wow this is a welcome development I love this platform. Many thanks to who ever came up with this idea. More wins

  337. Onipede Farouq Onipede Farouq

    Nnu doesn’t pay activities earning

  338. Yetunde temitope Yetunde temitope

    This is another means to eradicate poverty and keep the youth busy doing what they will benefit from

  339. Favou Favou

    Its is lovely and cool
    I love the platform its cool
    God bless you all for creating the website for people to use and profit from it

  340. Olola Olola

    This is nice ..this is alternative to facebook, probably it will reduce the number of people on Facebook. Make the world a global village.

  341. Olola Olola

    This is nice ..this is alternative to facebook, probably it will reduce the number of people on Facebook. Make the world a global village. Happy for this

  342. AdeyemiHalleluyah AdeyemiHalleluyah

    This platform will definitely help alot of people financially, but i hope it works and doesn’t crash midway

  343. Marvis Marvis

    Wow! I love this platform,it’s really awesome

  344. opzy1000 opzy1000

    This is a very good initiative tacking poverty and unemployment among the populance

  345. Victorchime Victorchime

    Wow that’s nice thanks sir for this wonderful information

    • Idris Idris

      Nice, another earning site
      Paul samson really is agood enterpreneur

  346. Ashiru 10 Ashiru 10

    Absolutely yes, this is a good achievement, i really like it.

  347. Idris Idris

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  348. Idris Idris

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  349. Ebunoluwa Williams Ebunoluwa Williams

    The most interesting part Is the aspect of posting sensitive post,this is one of a’s really awesome.

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  351. Stephen Oyindamola Stephen Oyindamola

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  352. Stephen Oyindamola Stephen Oyindamola

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  353. Blessing Blessing

    Waoo this is great

  354. AriesJoel AriesJoel

    Naija; Knowledge and creativity.
    Very soon this will be the best social media platform, Zuckerberg don chop our money taya. Am very happy for this improvement and will register ASAP.
    #Proudly 9ja.

  355. AriesJoel AriesJoel

    Naija; Knowledge and creativity.
    Very soon this will be the best social media platform, Zuckerberg don chop our money taya. Am very happy for this improvement and will register ASAP.
    #Proudly 9ja.

  356. Stephen Oyindamola Stephen Oyindamola

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  357. Enegbetale osagie Enegbetale osagie

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  358. owoade Timothy owoade Timothy

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  360. Hope nice Hope nice

    Since I started this platform am so happy,because I am ready to have money

  361. Manuel Manuel

    Wow, this is the best, combining the pleasures of a social media and the delight of earning money from the comfort of your home, that’s golden

    • Johnson Natieng Johnson Natieng

      thats what I have seen my brother

  362. Sunday Olowodun Sunday Olowodun

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  363. douglas okoruwa douglas okoruwa

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  364. douglas okoruwa douglas okoruwa

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  365. Ojo Victor Ojo Victor

    This is a great social media where you can meet people and also earn, this is really great.

  366. joshua ilerioluwa joshua ilerioluwa

    this is awesome
    I think I have seen another way of making online money
    thanks to melody

  367. Johnson Natieng Johnson Natieng

    my dear friends its not buying and selling,its just earning and your hard work will pay you

  368. Ife Babs01 Ife Babs01

    This us a good platform, Paul Samson is really trying,i commend his effort…This will be different from facebook and twitter

  369. Yekini Mohammed Yekini Mohammed

    Twitam is a very good platform on social media and is comfortable for making money

  370. Azeez Abdulmalik Azeez Abdulmalik

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  371. israkom17@ israkom17@

    This is a nice way to interract with people and to engage in a educative way.

  372. Marty pelumi Marty pelumi

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  374. Ambali Abdulateef Ambali Abdulateef

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  375. Temitayo Michael Temitayo Michael

    That encouraging alot

  376. Oyedepo Godwin Oyedepo Godwin

    Am so happy for hearing that plaform, very lovely and looking toward to be member.

  377. Opeyemi Razaq Opeyemi Razaq

    These platforms are bringing Nigerians to the world of easy life by earning cool cash without stress. Apart from that, people will also learn new things from the news posted.

  378. Pendar Emmanuel Pendar Emmanuel

    That is cool way to earn online now. I have NNU avount, so it will be easier for me to register with this platform. Thanks to NNU

  379. Friday Igbinawan Friday Igbinawan

    This provide great hope in times as we are now when and where many societies cannot cope with the available provision by the authority


    Wow this is interesting, I really love this platform, it’s wonderful.

  381. Okegbile Muheez Okegbile Muheez

    Wow. This is very nice. I love the platform he is very trying.

  382. Muzzybee Muzzybee

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  383. Charles Charles

    This is very great and very interesting i like it more of this we need

  384. Beejay20 Beejay20

    What I’m I waiting for.. Let me register first and come back to give u people the hint on how it’s works

  385. Abraham Godspower Abraham Godspower

    Well I think this will be a social network for online business platforms, tho I haven’t visit it but I believe with information I have gotten from this site I will give it a try and see

  386. Yusuf Hamisu Yusuf Hamisu

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  387. Adenika john Adenika john

    What a good platform.

  388. Dabisunny Dabisunny

    I hope it will be an amazing platform which will serves as a source of income to youth and reduce the rate of poverty

  389. Musa faruq Musa faruq

    No stress 😂
    No wahala
    Just use the platform and ♏🅰🎋📧 money 🤑💸💵💴💶💰💳
    Man this is the best

  390. Abdul Quodri Abdul Quodri

    If my country can be the Best in the whole world ,I will be very great full

  391. olateju Charles olateju Charles

    Through the summary of this platform,it looks legit…I must give it a try

  392. Samuel Kayode Samuel Kayode

    This is an avenue for most Nigerians to get on,not only a social network,but a money making “family”.
    Kudos to the organisers!

  393. Pendar Emmanuel Pendar Emmanuel

    This platform will be something someone shouldn’t play with, really eager to start registering and inviting friends the platform

  394. Amanda james Amanda james

    what a nice platform I so so so much love this

  395. Amanda james Amanda james

    what a nice platform I so so so much love this because I can earn a alot from it

  396. Olayiwola Mohammed babatunde Olayiwola Mohammed babatunde

    Wow I will like to register to this platform and looking forward to join the platform

  397. Ashiru10 Ashiru10

    Wow what a wonderful achievement so nice to hear this news, i wish all the best for this wonderful platform.

  398. Ayomide Ajayi Ayomide Ajayi

    This is a great step in Nigerian society , finally we can use what is ours I love it and I persuade all true Nigerians to register and support our motherland.

  399. Mercy Owhe Mercy Owhe

    It’s a good source of making money.
    It’s gonna be a hit in nigeria


    I wish you all the best

  401. Manuel Manuel

    Wow, this is so amazing like it’s just the best, more than an alternative to Facebook, it’s better

  402. Favou Favou

    From the information I see from the new social media platform, Am interested in this platform, And I will give it a try, Cos the way am seeing this platform, someone who is a member on this platform will make it.
    Not only make it, people will learn a lot from this platform.

  403. Rowland Yusuf Abdulkhalin Rowland Yusuf Abdulkhalin

    This platform will be next big platform and I’ll be glad to see it grow into a bigger platform in later time to come… Amazing platform

  404. Saviour Saviour

    Best opportunity ever

  405. Pizzlemaney Pizzlemaney

    Twittam in place of Facebook.. It is a nice concept especially with the incentive system,its seems to be more enticing

  406. Akinyemi Yusuf Akinyemi Yusuf

    This platform will be something someone should not play with, because I am really eager to start registering and inviting all my friends to join also

  407. Nwachukwu victor Nwachukwu victor

    Mobizle001. Oh wow. I’ll do well to try.

  408. Adebisi Lameed Adebisi Lameed

    This platform is fantastic, educative and awesome. Soon it will be one of the greatest and well utilized platform. I am glad to be a beneficiary.

  409. segun owolabi segun owolabi

    Good and nice update

  410. Daniel Nelson Daniel Nelson

    I count myself privileged to have this information though its a program that requires money for one to go into it and be successful.

  411. Benson Benson

    How to download the app,
    I tried registration but is not connecting

  412. Benson Benson

    How to download the app
    Any link

  413. Emma Emma

    This is a good platform but melody i dont have an id card, voters card, inter. passport nor drivers license. So how do i register then?

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