UN Recognises Nigerian Tech Firm’s Sustainable Innovation

UN Recognises Nigerian Tech Firm’s Sustainable Innovation

The United Nations has named Co-Net, a Nigerian technology company, as the top initiative in its “100 Voices for Our Planet” list.
The recognition comes after Co-Net developed a digital solution that replaces paper business cards, reducing waste and promoting eco-friendly practices.

Co-Net’s platform allows individuals and organisations to manage contact information digitally, eliminating the need for paper-based business cards.

The company, founded by Dr. Godwin Aigboviose Omage, said it aims to reduce reliance on paper and promote sustainable living.

The UN recognition acknowledges Co-Net’s efforts in addressing environmental issues, such as deforestation and waste management. The company’s initiatives also include tree planting campaigns worldwide.

Dr. Omage emphasised the importance of eco-conscious living and urged individuals and organisations to adopt sustainable practices. While acknowledging the recognition, he stressed the need for continued collective action to protect the planet

Co-Net’s innovation has set a standard for environmental responsibility in the tech industry. The company’s commitment to sustainability has made a significant impact, and its recognition by the UN reinforces its leadership in the field.

This achievement highlights Nigeria’s contribution to global efforts towards environmental sustainability, and the UN’s recognition of Co-Net’s work may inspire further innovation in the sector.

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