US Legendary Astronaut, William Anders Dies In Plane Crash

US Legendary Astronaut, William Anders Dies In Plane Crash

The renowned former United States (US) astronaut, William Anders, has reportedly died in a plane crash.

Melody news reports that Anders was popularly known for capturing the iconic “Earthrise” photograph from space more than 55 years ago.

Reports emerging over the weekend revealed that the plane crash which claimed Anders’ life happened on Friday, June 7.

Anders was confirmed dead at the age of 90.

AFP quoted the deceased’s son to have disclosed that his father was piloting a small plane that crashed off the coast of Washington state on Friday morning.

Regrettably, he was alone in the aircraft at the time of the accident. Following the incident, a dive team successfully recovered his body, as reported by The Seattle Times, citing a Coast Guard spokesperson.

Anders, a vital member of the Apollo 8 mission in December 1968, played a pivotal role in becoming one of the first humans to orbit the Moon alongside his fellow Americans, Frank Borman and James Lovell.

During their mission, the crew completed 10 lunar orbits without landing before safely returning to Earth on December 27, 1968.

It was during one of these orbits that Anders captured the breathtaking photograph of our bright blue planet juxtaposed against the vast darkness of space, with the Moon’s cratered surface in the foreground.